Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Title: A Sangre Y Fuego #02 [V/A]
Format: Card sleeved CD compilation/sampler from the GOI Music label (Spain), cat ref ASYF002CD. There’s no date of release, though the label is now defunct and thus this sampler must date no later than 2016 and no earlier than this Hrossharsgrani song (2003).
Edition: Unknown

01.  Setherial  *  Crimson Manifestation  
02.  Enslaved  *  As Fire As Swept Clean The Earth  
03.  Melechesh  *  Apkallu Counsel  
04.  Riger  *  Des Blutes Stimme  
05.  Golden Dawn  *  Where Dragons Reign  
06.  Hrossharsgrani  *  Krieg Entbrannte  
07.  Battlelore  *  Buccaneers Inn  
08.  Thyrane  *  Firework  
09.  Norther  *  Unleash Hell  
10.  The Duskfall  *  Deliverance  
11.  Thou Art Lord  *  Society Of The Dilletant  
12.  Marduk  *  With Satan And Victorious Weapons  
13.  The Provenance  *  Tearful, Bitter, Broken  
14.  Cadaveria  *  Spell  
15.  Septic Flesh  *  Virtues Of The Beast  
16.  Ancient Rites  *  Victory Or Valhalla

Here’s an odd one to kick off the month of February and remind you that Nazgul is still alive and kicking.

It’s an entirely random compilation CD from the Spanish label GOI Music (no, I’ve no idea either) which manages to bring together some really well-known names – the likes of Marduk, Enslaved, Battlelore and Septic Flesh, to name but four – alongside some less obvious bands on this death-Viking-black-speed metal smorgasbord.

Let’s be honest, it’s not happened that often that Hrossharsgrani get to rub shoulders on a CD with the some of the big boys in metal so quite what this Spanish label were smoking at the time remains an intriguing mystery, now most likely lost to the mists of time.  It does make one wonder if this was an officially licenced released though, or one cobbled together without the artists knowing?

One might be inclined to imagine it was legitimate in this case (though how many have we seen in the past that have a very different background) as the GOI label do seem to have a history of official reissues of older material so presumably knew a few labels across the world, one of which presumably was CCP Records of Austria.

We may surmise this as Hrossharsgrani’s track comes from their 2003 release with CCP, “Schattenkrieger”. To give the song its full formal name it is usually known as ‘Krieg Entbrannte (Nacht Der Helden)’, literally translated to be ‘War Burned (Night of the Heroes)’.

This was the Hrossharagrani release – as you may remember – that rather divided opinion at the time as it roped in the owners of CCP Records and turned what had previously been Hugin’s one-man Viking-drum thumping band into a far more polished symphonic affair with choirs, orchestral bits, and all sorts of gubbins.

It’s this sort of random compilation that used to be the life blood of Honour and Darkness back in the day, so it’s rather nice to discover one completely out of the blue and be able to plonk it in front of you.

Not entirely sure about that cover, though: the title may suggest Blood and Fire, but the artwork’s definitely more Tits & Ass...