Tuesday, 8 January 2019


Title: Take Me Away From All This Life [V/A]
Format: Online compilation release from Translucent Black Capes (Hungary) released on 31 October 2018 on Bandcamp and as a physical release.
Edition: Online release unlimited, CD pressing unspecified

Track Listing:
01. Algiz Dawn  *  .​.​. And I Saw My Last Sunrise 02:49
02. Heinous Undying  *  Blood Madness  06:00
03. Makrokosm  *  She Draws The Water  07:12
04. Fledermaus  *  Dämonen und Schlangen der Nacht  05:32
05. Visions Of Ulnahar  *  A Vision​.​.​.  06:53
06. Plague Rat  *  Offerings For Sekhmet  04:56
07. Caligari  *  Lèvres De Sang  05:39
08. Bitter Old Wizard  *  Eternal Suffering  06:08
09. Homunculus  *  νοσοφόρος  09:04
10. La Morte Amoureuse  *  Lamrak Soms  04:03
11. Poetry Of Thorns  *  To Umbra In The Mirror  01:54
12. Frohvahr  *  Awaken From A Crypt  04:54
13. Rêvoeil  *  Vilaine Vieillesse  04:08
14. Mickey E. Vil  *  Stalking Theme  04:07
15. Elisabetha  *  Tanz Der Vampyre  04:16
16. Vlakolak  *  Within It's Gates I Heard The Sound  08:16
17. Withering Presence  *  The Thirst Which Flatters Not  04:05

Happy New Year to you all, loyal Honour and Darkness followers.  Not yet dead and buried, Nazgul is resurrected in 2019 for at least a short period of animation to bring you this quick update.

It pertains to the second compilation of "Vampiric Dungeon Synth" from Hungarian project Translucent Black Capes, which includes amongst it's assembled music an old classic from Elisabetha.  

Yes, it's 'Tanz Der Vampyre' from the band's 2001 release "Sterbegesange", which fulfils the brief of this particular compilation being linked to all things vampiric.

As the Bandcamp page explains:

"There is no life in this body.  I am nothing, lifeless, soulless, hated and feared.  I am dead to all the world - hear me!  I'm the monster that breathing men would kill.


Nazgul is not entirely sure how much all of the individual artists are aware of their material being used on this compilation, or what level of royalty payments are in place for the use of the songs, but let's hope that's all sorted out properly...

Nice to see Elisabetha back on the Blog again, and once Nazgul's copy of the CD arrives through the post we can have an update on this post and bring them back (from the dead) once again!

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