Saturday, 1 September 2018

Original artwork for Elbenjahre

Item: A rather nice piece of the original artwork from the inlay

So, welcome back.  It's been a while.

Time being pressing we'll have to cut straight to it today, so what's displayed is a really appreciated gift from the talented hands of Miss Birgit Wieser, who drew this most excellent illustration for the inlay of Uruk Hai's compilation "Elbenjahre".

And if you can cast your mind back as far as the end of last year, you'll recall that I received a copy of the tape release of this album, which was signed by both Hugin and his daughter, so to have an original drawing to complement that item is a lovely touch.

So, normal-ish Blog service resumes again from September, having suffered an interrupted three months over summer, being the first break in transmission in the nine years Nazgul's been doing this.
Bit disappointing that over the period that literally none of you thought to drop me an email to see if things were ok (they weren't, by the way) or to see if I was a death's door or something?  Thanks a bunch, guys...

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