Friday, 11 May 2018

The 'once in a lifetime' Castle Nazgul sale!

An open-mouthed and clearly shocked Uncle Nazgul, about to drop a bombshell

Ummm...what's going on , Nazgul...?

Well, we all knew that eventually this day might have to come, although it sticks in the back of the throat to admit it.

For a variety of reasons there has come a need to thin out the Castle Nazgul collection somewhat.  Not completely, at least not yet, but a few choice, select, rare or whatever you might want to call them releases are shortly to be offered by Nazgul for sale.

And I don't mean the sorts of tapes and CD's that you can find in any old distro around the internet, or through a quick search on eBay or Discogs.

Oh no, what I am proposing is to offer you - my loyal readers and fellow collectors - what will be quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy some of the rarest items associated with our much respected and loved brother, Hugin.

It could be a t-shirt.  It might be a one-off promotional or bespoke CD.  It could be one of the earliest tape demos from any number of projects, spanning Uruk Hai, Hrossharsgrani, Bonemachine, Elisabetha, or even that most collected of bands, Guts For Dinner.

As Lewis Carroll once expressed it, in his musings on the Walrus and the Carpenter:

"The time has come", the Walrus said
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing-wax
And whether Nazgul has completely lost his marbles..."

Well, no I haven't (completely) but I've been the proud owner and custodian of many fine treasures over the last 12 years plus that are linked to the wondrous musician that is our friend Hugin, and a bounty of rare releases, one-off items and more demos, albums and oddities than you can shake a stick at have accrued in the horde hidden away in Castle Nazgul.

But you too are fans.  You too covet these items, now impossible to find and so rare it literally could take a lifetime to gather them all together.  You too deserve an opportunity to hold these things, cherish them within your own collection, play/wear/view them and enjoy them for what they are: artifacts of a most extraordinary person.

Yes, it's true: I'm not planning on just giving these away: like everyone, Nazgul has bills to pay and costs to meet, so the provisional prices I may set some of these items at may at first seem prohibitive.  But then again, ask yourself this simple question - when are you ever going to see another one?  I fully intend to release items that literally only one copy might exist, or other editions that are so vanishingly rare that the last one sold might be over 10 years ago (and yes - I would have been the buyer!)

I don't apologise for asking a fair price, and I think as connoisseurs of this sort of thing, you'll understand the value of what you're getting.  And - to be blunt - any reasonable and respectful offer against an asking price will be suitably considered too.

So how will this work?

Well for fun, and to focus attention, I propose to periodically run a poll/vote on Honour and Darkness between two collectible items I am offering for sale.  The item that gets the most votes then gets put up for grabs, either through Discogs or through eBay as most appropriate.  Clearly things like t-shirts can't hit Discogs, and there are different merits in offering things in an auction setting or for a fixed price.  I dare say as time passes we'll find a happy medium, and in the time that takes Nazgul might even remember how to go the necessary guff on the Blogger site to actually put a poll in place for you all to vote on.

So there we are - watch this space.  It's not a sale that will be over and done with within a week, as I appreciate not everyone will have the money at the same time to bid on things they want, and we're all busy people with better things to do than keep on logging into auction sites.

Let's make this both fun and productive, and I sincerely hope that the items sold make you delighted, me rich beyond my wildest dreams (*cough* - not!) and generally refresh the old Honour and Darkness pages.

Watch this space...

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