Wednesday, 16 May 2018


This ... could be yours...

Item for sale: Angband (The Metal Fortress)

So the first Honour and Darkness vote for some time has identified “Angband” as the release most of you wish to see sold off.  Well it was a forgone conclusion, so let's get on with things.  Your wish is my command.

Here’s how this first sale will work, so please pay attention!

The sale is for the limited-to-5-copies metal box version of this release from Runenstein Records, complete and mint.  It’s been opened (hence the paper seal is breached on the tin lid, albeit carefully with a knife) and this version comes with the bonus 3” CDr, the tape, the map, the little bagged plastic figure and of course the 4CD fatbox set of discs.

The set will be formally listed for sale on Discogs at 8pm (British time) on Thursday 17 May 2018.  If you’re not yet a member of Discogs, you have a bit of time to register (it’s free).

I will be putting an ambitious price on the set, as I don’t intend just to give it away as you’ll hopefully appreciate.  In my defence, I would urge you to consider that no copy has ever been offered for sale online before, and almost certainly never will be again given the limitation.  It was released in 2010 at a cost of over €60, so it wasn’t cheap at that point and will only have appreciated in value. 

I’m using the ‘make offer’ feature on Discogs, which basically means you can assess what you think is a reasonable price to pay and send an offer at that value to me via Discogs for consideration.  Don’t be offended if I turn it down.  Also note that shipping costs (and it will only be send registered/tracked delivery) are not included in your offer, and are payable by you at the same time that payment is due.  I will invoice the lucky person through the Discogs system.  Shipping will vary by country, but will only be at cost (I don’t profit from it).

One comment about this ‘make an offer’ process – it’s happened recently that whilst one person was debating with me about what was a ‘fair price’ for a CD and prevaricating about putting in an offer, someone else came along and bought the item at the full asking price!  That can happen – making an offer does not put the item in your shopping cart and prevent others purchasing it.  So if you really want this, from experience I’d suggest not being too timid or taking too long.  Also – I think you can only make 1 offer, so once it’s in the system that’s it, you can’t up it!

All of which might sound a bit mercenary and draconian, but better that we’re all clear on the rules: I don’t really want exasperated emails from people saying ‘what gives: you ignored my offer and the item sold to someone else’.  My item, and my decision is final on any offer received. 

I will not be accepting offers to purchase outside of the Discogs site, through email or other routes.

Incidentally, I have a shedload of other cool stuff for sale on Discogs too, so feel free browse and buy whilst you’re there!

Not all items will be sold via Discogs in this way: I’m minded to do a t-shirt sale via eBay at some point over the summer, for example.  Who knows, if I am feeling generous we could even have a competition via Honour and Darkness.

So – we’re all clear, I trust. 

As Jigsaw famously said, ‘let the games begin…’

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