Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Title: Music For Catgirl Lovers 08
Format: A silver CDr inside comes in a DIN A4 bag with two picture inserts and another section (part 8) of the semi-infamous Catgirl 24-part jigsaw puzzle. Each CDr is hand-drawn with a black cats-eye.  This was released on the Catgirl Records label (Germany), cat ref PUSSYCAT#008 in July 2013.
Edition: Limited to 20 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
01.  Bonemachine  *  Another Day At War  15:23 
02.  Catgirl & Kaelteeinbruch  *  Fluffy  12:31 

They say brevity is the soul of wit.  That being true, this may be one of the 'wittiest' posts you’ll have read on Honour and Darkness in ages.

I recently found this tucked down the side of the bookcase, sandwiched between two other Bonemachine releases (“Die Fleischmaschine” and “Harvest”, since you ask) and hitherto unplayed.

Lost to history, as it were.  So out of the wrapper it came for a quick spin.

There are two schools of thought about experimental noise releases: firstly, that they are cleverly stitched together tapestries of sound that form a meaningful and powerful statement.  Secondly, that they are a noisy load of old bollocks.  Charmingly, both songs here manage to keep one foot in either camp, and drag the listener rapidly back and forth between ‘oh that was interesting, I wonder what's next’ to ‘Goodness is that the time, I wonder when this song finishes?’ type sentiments.

As ever, such songs (and I use the word generously) are hard to convey in words.  Bonemachine’s effort sounds rather like a small group of people walking through a swamp, heard through the lens of a crackling old radio broadcast (or someone in the distance scrunching up a crisp packet), with the odd low of cattle in the background.

The Catgirl & Kaelteeninbruch contribution is almost entirely unfathomable.  At one point, for example, it sounds like someone in a bird sanctuary using too much sellotape to wrap up a gift.  Later, there appears to be an electrical short circuit inside a Belgian supermarket, with unpleasant fizzing and sparking resulting.


It definitely gets louder the longer it goes on though.

I didn’t get to the end of it.

Probably a hoot to record.

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