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Band: URUK HAI (as a contributor to a song by Fahl)
Title: Alpha Ωmega [V/A]
Format: An online download only via Bandcamp, compiled by the ETOR label (Greece) and released on 25 January 2017.  This collection features 34 songs covering the genres of Neofolk; Neo-Classical; Industrial; Electro; Dark Ambient; and Darkwave
Edition: unlimited download

Track Listing:
01.   In Slaughter Natives feat. Cecilia Bjärgö  *  Black Soil  4:55 
02.   L'Effet C'Est Moi  *  Homeric Hymns To Athena  3:56 
03.   Death In Rome  *  Take On Me  5:16 
04.   Naevus  *  Odour (acoustic version)  3:34 
05.   Cornelius Waldner  *  The Walls Of Troy  2:38 
06.   Darkwood  *  Broken Wings  4:12 
07.   Fahl feat. Uruk-Hai  *  Untitled  6:02 
08.   Jännerwein  *  Eine Liebe  5:07 
09.   TSIDMZ Ὁ  *  τοῦ ἄντρου μῦθος  7:37 
10.   Strydwolf  *  Anastasia  3:04 
11.   Ataraxia  *  Lucretia (new version)  5:24 
12.   Skull & Dawn  *  Edward  8:59 
13.   Dark Awake  *  Mystique  3:23 
14   Allerseelen  *  Sonne Gothi-Ade (2015)  3:36 
15.   Valence (N2 ItinitI) * On First Seeing The Ocean  4:25 
16.   Lupi Gladius  *  Solidea  2:54 
17.   Sieben  *  Cult Of The Fallen  4:06 
18.   Sophia  *  The Unclean  4:11 
19.   Τέθριππον  *  Katharon Pyr (ΤΕΘΡΙΠΠΟΝ - ΚΑΘΑΡΟΝ ΠΥΡ)  5:29 
20.   Falkenstein  *  Trojaburg  3:53 
21.   Awen  *  Spiritual Echo  3:33 
22.   In Ruin  *  The Edge Of Light  4:52 
23.  *  Frustration  4:34 
24.   Albireon  *  La Spusa De Striun (spirit mix 2015)  5:56 
25.   Stein  *  Stille  3:57 
26.   Tribes Of Medusa  *  Betrayal  5:23 
27.   Miel Noir  *  Honey Offering (Demeter's March)  4:55 
28.   Sagittarius  *  Spiel  2:19 
29.   Hekate  *  Lifetime  4:19 
30.   Karjalan Sissit  *  Vittumainen Yksinäisyys-Puliukko Mix  4:14 
31.   Traum'er Leben  *  Vorüber-Vorbei  4:46 
32.   Changes  *  It’s Up To You  3:16 
33.   Der Arbeiter  *  Für Die Neue Zeit  4:10 
34.   Tyr-Kreis  *  Unity [Shava Sadhana cover song]  5:32 

Another day, another whopping online only compilation.  They seem to be all the rage now, and with streaming and downloads being the choice of the youth rather than ye-olde-school physical releases I suppose this is only to be expected.  A shame though, Nazgul still likes to get his hands on an actual product rather than stare at it through the computer monitor.  A sign of age, I guess.

Anyway, what we have here is the first – and so far only – release on a Greek label called ETOR.  And I can find out absolutely nothing about that label on its Bandcamp or Facebook pages other than they seem to be currently marketing themselves as a live-events company based in Athens, focused on concert promotions.  Curious, but there you are.

The interest in this collection of diverse songs lies for us at track 7, where an previously unknown-to-me band called Fahl have Uruk Hai as a featured artiste on their track ‘untitled’.  Investigate Fahl and you will discover that it was founded by Dimo Dimov, Marcel P. and Cornelius Waldner in autumn 2008.

Now these names will be familiar to you I’m sure, but to recap Dimo hails from Bulgaria and has been active in a host of bands (Allerseelen, Fahl, Miel Noir, Moon Orchard, Sagittarius, Sturmpercht, Svarrogh) as well as being an occasional third member of Hugin’s Ravenclaw project.  Marcel P. has an overlapping band history, best known as the bassist in Allerseelen but also appearing in Fahl, Halgadom, Ill-Sanity, Miel Noir, Moby's Dick, Sagittarius, Svarrogh, and Werra. 

And if your head isn’t spinning yet, last but not lease we have Cornelius Waldner who currently features with Fahl, Hailstorm, Sagittarius, and Warloghe but who has also played with HERR, Von Thronstahl, The Days Of The Trumpet Call, Rose Rovine E Amanti and several others live and/or in the studio.  Crikey!

On this particular Fahl song, however, it’s principally Marcel P. and Hugin in action.  It’s a classic neo-folk sort of outing too, with an almost military precision to the drumming, spoken word vocals (in German, so I’ve not a clue if it’s a lament on the state of the Motherland or a stream-of-consciousness recital of a shopping list, to be honest).  Not a particularly uplifting track from a few listens, it seems quite sombre and reflective.

Ultimately it’s like nothing that you’ve heard Hugin involved in before, and a quite a step apart from his own leanings in that direction through projects like B-Machina.
There are a few bands on this collection that even Nazgul is familiar with including old favourites Hekate and  Miel Noir, and taken as a whole the listening experience is quite spectacular.  Not the cheapest online purchase you’ll ever make, but you can at least preview the songs via ETOR’s Bandcamp page to see what you might be getting yourself into first.

Worth some exploration…

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