Saturday, 7 April 2018

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Grrr .. dude, where's my cake?!
It's that time of the year - again!

Who can believe that 365 days have elapsed since Hugin's last birthday, but nonetheless it's true.  Another candle on the cake this year, and the journey towards the big 5-0 increases in speed.

Age affects all of us in different ways - clearly Nazgul is getting more and more demented as each year goes by (this year, for example, I found something quite nice to send to Hugin as a present only for Hugin to gently point out that I sent him the exact same gift some three years earlier...)

Happily, the advancing years do not seem to have diminished Hugin's own capacities, which is a very good thing indeed in terms of the possibility of more excellent releases in the decade ahead.

The photo here, by the way, comes from a set that are in the Castle archives and which I must put up in full some day as they are largely unpublished I'd wager, and contain many poses of this character in all of it's corpse-painted glory...!

Until then, let's all wish Hugin a very happy birthday for 2018!

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