Thursday, 22 March 2018


Title: Origin Of Evil [V/A]
Format: An online digital compilation pulled together by South Korean label Fallen Angel Productions, released for free on 13 February 2018.  
Edition: unlimited
Track Listing:
01. Katharos XIII (Romania) - The Chains Are So Beautiful  08:21  
02. Code Red (Japan) - Destroy  03:15  
03. Krigere Wolf (Italy) - Towards the Black Mass  05:18  
04. Winter Deluge (New Zealand) - ...Now You Reap  08:42  
05. Basilisk (Japan) - In Most Septile  05:30  
06. Draconis Infernum (Singapore) - Anathema  03:38  
07. Sabbat (Japan) - Transmigration of the Soul  05:03  
08. Malichor (Australia) - Sentinels  05:03  
09. Necromutilator (Italy) - Fuck With Darkness  02:53  
10. Iron Woods (Brazil) - Sound of War  06:00  
11. 原罪 Original Sin (China) - 衰老前死去 (Die Before Senility Sets In)  06:26  
12. Mourning Dawn (France) - When the Sky Seems to Be a Flag  12:12  
13. Hellfire (China) - Possessed by Satan  04:57  
14. Vomit of Doom (Argentina) - Woman in Eternal Darkness (Astral Witch)  02:27  
15. Kvalvaag (Norway) - Dystopia Naa  08:34  
16. AK11 (Australia) - Their Flesh our Fire  04:07  
17. Morte Negra (Brazil) - Que a Desgraça Caia Sobre a Humanidade  04:23  
18. Kyy (Finland) - The Narrow Gates of Apôleia  04:57  
19. Barbarian Swords (Spain) - Pure Demonology  03:11  
20. Spectral (Romania) - Neural Correlates of Hate  02:59  
21. Rademassaker (Germany) - Paindealer  02:22  
22. Rerthro (China) - III  04:00  
23. Descend Into Despair (Romania) - Silence In Sable Acrotism  08:24  
24. Dekapited (Chile) - Mundo Decadente  03:41  
25. Heretical (Italy) - Khrysos Anthemon  03:46  
26. Wolfenhords (Croatia) - Kozoglav  07:12  
27. Aasgard (Greece) - Ia Nyarlathotep  05:52  
28. Valgaldr (Norway) - Et slott i skogen  05:08  
29. Malediction 666 (Brazil) - Malediction  03:26  
30. Gothic (Romania) - Shadow Man  05:01  
31. De Vermis (New Zealand) - Black Wolf Pride  05:50  
32. Decay of Reality (Russia) - Illusion's Death  04:43  
33. Argus Megere (Romania) - Tronul celui ce stă de strajă 10:41  
34. 帝辛 Tyranny (China) - 金台拜将 06:10  
35. Skull (Colombia) - Infinite Horizon  04:00  
36. Bloodlust (Australia) - Shadows of the Black Sun  07:34  
37. Skuldom (New Zealand) - Kill this Fucking World  03:38  
38. Belkant (Colombia) - Mesías Satánico  02:33  
39. CodeRed (Romania) - The Sixth Sun  08:01  
40. Wendigo (Norway) - Cannibal Ritual  06:57  
41. Forbidden Shape (Russia) - The Sleepwalking Psychopath  06:18  
42. Herege (Brazil) - Cries of despair coming from Christians burning in Jerusalem  02:22  
43. Indian Fall (Romania) - Dincolo de Timp  07:34  
44. Obscure Dream (China) - Farewell To My Concubine (霸王别姬 ) 04:22  
45. Sodomic Baptism (Belarus) - Conception of Beast  07:56  
46. Claret Ash (Australia) - Devolution  05:44  
47. Uruk Hai (Austria) - In Mordor (Outro)  04:30 

Funnily enough, it was only the other evening when Nazgul was pondering whatever happened to South Korean label Fallen Angel Productions.  They released, you may recall, some startlingly good compilations in physical formats ranging from little wooden chests to lavish cardboard boxes, and from tape and CD combos to gold-CD boxed-sets, for Uruk-Hai and Hrossharsgrani plus a range of other bands besides.  And then, just as quickly as they burst onto the scene, they seemed to vanish. 

Indeed, ahead of this online-only compilation being advertised, Nazgul had been rummaging around online trying to find out if the label was still in existence and it had become apparent that they’d moved away from physical releases and into the digital world.

So it’s most timely that “Origin Of Evil” has been produced, as it allows us to keep abreast of the Fallen Angels story, celebrate the existence of free release featuring Uruk Hai, and brings this release to your attention whilst it’s relatively new and fresh.

No less than 47 bands feature here, a prodigious number for sure and a volume usually only seen in the demented releases of our old mucker Leigh Stench (and is it just me or does Uruk Hai tend to appear in last place in the running order on more than an average number of these sort of vast compilations?!) 

At first glance the countries of origin seem to span the globe and cover virtually everywhere, but on closer inspection some countries (albeit with different artists) feature significantly more times.  By way of example, from 47 entries a total of 7 are Romanian (nigh on 15%, which seems disproportionately high), 5 are Chinese, whilst 4 are from Australia and  Brazil respectively.  So that’s 43% of the album taken up, then! 

Uruk Hai fly the sole Austrian flag here (hurrah!) with their ‘In Mordor (Outro)’ track.  It's an up-tempo piece, dominated by a persistent violin and underpinned by blackened vocals and guitar.  But why are you asking me what it sounds like - click on the links and check it out for yourself, then make a suitably polite donation for the privilege.

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