Saturday, 31 March 2018


Title: Mit Stahlernem Blick
Reason for update: A special one-off variant of this 2016 release.

Is it really almost April already?  A significant month here in Castle Nazgul for one main reason - it's Hugin's birthday early in the month and normally we'd do a post to celebrate it.  Let's hope the gruelling work schedule currently punishing your old uncle Nazgul doesn't get in the way of putting a suitable post together for that occasion...

And just in case you are beginning to wonder if Honour and Darkness has gone into terminal decline, let's find a few minutes to dredge from the archive something a little more unusual to look at today and to get a new post up - and no, it's not an April Fool's Day joke!

No, what you see here is a bespoke one-off 3" CDr release of the B-Machina vinyl-only song 'Mit Stahlernem Blick' that we covered back in January.  The reason for it's existence is simply that anything vinyl that comes into Nazgul's clutches is immediately guaranteed to be kept pristine and in mint condition for ever and a day on the basis that I still have no turntable to play it on.

And so kindly old Hugin - no doubt rolling his eyes at his evidently tight-fisted friend over the Channel - puts together a playable CDr version for me to review.  And this is the copy that was used as the basis for that January review, as you will have deduced.

The cover is folded piece of card, and it sits in a small clear plastic wallet.  I think it's probably a trimmed B-Machina postcard or promo card actually, rather than a unique creation for this particular mini-disc, but it looks the part and I'm certainly not complaining whatever its origins - at least I got to hear this particular song!

Speaking of things vinyl, by the way, the Castle Nazgul inbox literally trembled at the receipt last night of an email (unsolicited, and totally out of the blue) from US label Beasst Promotions, who you may recall were at the centre of an apparent bit of scamming over the vinyl reissue of the Hrossharsgrani "Uruk Hai" demo.  They suggested manufacturing issues had rendered the first batch of this album as unsaleable, and effectively asked if I'd be interested in reordering.  Hmmm, not sure I've got the physical endurance to go through all of that again, but I'll keep you posted if I do...

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