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Hexenreich sampler February 2015 [V/A]

Title: Free Sampler – February 2015 [V/A]
Format: Silver CDr in paper sleeve, released in February 2015 as a three-way collaboration between the labels Hexenreich Records (Estonia), Arhailised Helid (Estonia) and Black Devastation (Germany).  Featuring extreme metal bands from Estonia, Mexico, Austria, Nicaragua, Russia, Iran, Argentina, this was a promotional free giveaway disc from the labels concerned and thus not commercially retailed.
Edition: Unknown

Track Listing
01. Bestia  *  Tüdinud Tühjusest (Promo)   
02. Urt  *  Manala Vasar  
03. Ragnell  *  Ritual Of Blood   
04. Kabalah  *  Kabala   
05. Sõjaruun  *  Surmkülmast Mullast   
06. Urt  *  Luupaine   
07. Mass In Comatose  *  Control The Masses   
08. Bestia  *  Tasumise Päev   
09. Lucifuge Rofocale  *  Demonic Transfixion   
10. Vanad Varjud  *  Tumm Rongkäik (Cut)   
11. A Premonition  *  Despertando Al Amanecer   
12. Battle Royal  *  Land Of The Dead   
13. Sorg Innkallelse  *  Sundown, Fall Into Oblivion   
14. Urt  *  Me Kurjuse Seeme   
15. Grom  *  Reign Of Plague   
16. Uruk-Hai  *  Orc   

You have to give Hexenreich Records some credit – for years they soldiered on releasing free promotional CD’s like this one every few months, bringing together bands from their roster and occasionally – as in this case – those from other similar labels too.  Many, many of these promo releases don’t include any of Hugin’s bands hence they’ve not appeared on Honour and Darkness despite being out there, lurking in the shadows.  No, the last time we encountered such a beastie here was back in December with the Free Sampler from March 2009.  Skip forward almost exactly 6 years and here we find them at it again, with a track from Uruk Hai included at the tail end of the 16 on offer.

And the track in question is called ’Orc’, which I’m sure you recall was the self-titled song (in two parts originally) released by Hexenreich in tape format in 2012.  Don’t remember?  Check out the original review!

One assumes that the version of the song on this CD must be an edited one, as the original cassette version ran to nearly half an hour per side.  Nazgul has to presume, as this is another one of those items yet to actually find a home in the Castle collection (usual plea, therefore -  if you have a copy for sale let me know?) so the actual track running times is unknown.  I don’t even know if it’s an edit of ‘Orc (Part 1)’ or ‘Orc (Part 2)’ to be brutally honest, or some weird mash up of the two. Lack of ownership also accounts for the slightly wonky photos used for this piece, which generally manage to be of even worse quality than Nazgul’s own poor efforts.  Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers.

I dare say in the fullness of time a copy of this release will eventually float to the surface of those parts of the internet where strange music resides, so Nazgul will just have to keep his eyes open.  Until that time, consider this item catalogued for posterity at least.

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