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Title: Blind Nation  [V/A]
Format: An online MP3 compilation on the Morphic Field Resonance label (Germany) released on 31st January 2009.  Compiling bands in the vein of dark ambient, power electronics and abstract sounds, this was a release to raise awareness/funds against child abuse.
Edition: unlimited

Track Listing:
01. E.I.D  *  Blind Nation   
02. 2Young2Die  *  Nightmare VS Awakening   
03. Aggressionslevel 4.0  *  Sexual Violation   
04. Flat Affect  *  As We Must Be (Revision)   
05. Embersreich  *  Dirty Bombs   
06. Narkotika_Rus  *  Raping Young Kids CPN   
07. Letzte Ausfahrt Leben  *  Die Spieluhr   
08. Tanaros  *  Lazarus Effekt   
09. Phalanx Feat. The White Rabbit  *  Es Ist An Der Zeit Aufzuwachen   
10. Xebox  *  Bolzebub / Krachbube   
11. Hrossharsgrani  *  None Of You   
12. Tourette  *  (Alp)Traumsequenz   
13. Mind Project  *  Millick Schatten   
14. Nervenlaehmung  *  Haunting Memories   
15. Storfaktor  *  Leben Oder Sterben   
16. Snoww Wwhite  *  Crows Fly   
17. Effets Secondaires  *  Iris   

Nazgul could have sworn that this digital online-only compendium had previously been covered in Honour and Darkness, but finding absolutely no trace of it whilst searching the records it would seem not.  Either that; or my eyesight is failing badly and you’ll have read all this before.

Anyway, let’s assume this is something exciting and new and press on regardless. 

Morphic Field Resonance [MFR] was a Netlabel working under a Creative Commons Licence. During the years the concept behind MFR turned more and more from a pure Netlabel to a Collective of Musicians, working together to get the music they make heard and spread to a wider audience. Their musical spectrum ranged from "classic" industrial stuff to more "modern" styles like IDM.

This is written in the past tense as MFR appear to be no more: their releases stopped around 2013 and the website in their name is now defunct.

“Blind Nation” was an early online compilation in their timeline, designed to raise awareness of issues around child abuse.  Very timely, given events in the British press at the moment ranging from recently convicted football coaches to the behaviour of Oxfam aid workers in Haiti.  Plus ca change, and all that…

From their titles, many of the tracks here appear to have been recorded specifically with this theme in mind (either that, or an awful lot of bands write songs about child abuse, so one assumes it must be the former or I’m getting worried).  The Hrossharsgrani contribution, however, looks instead to be a straight lift from the 2009 outing “Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est”, which as you may recall was something of a transitional album moving the Hross’ sound away from Viking Black Metal into more refined martial/neofolk-ish territories.

Also interesting about this release is the reappearance at track 9 of Phalanx Featuring The White Rabbit.  Long-time readers may remember that this was a band that did an online collaborative release “S.P.Q.R.” with Hrossharsgrani back in 2008, which was quite an oddity if Nazgul’s memory serves.  And looking at the Discogs page for Phalanx releases there’s a veritable treasure trove of oddities to be found, with titles far too risqué to be repeated in a family-friendly blog such as this.  Explore at your own peril…

As with most of these net releases, it’s entirely possible to download the whole thing to your computer, print off some decent quality covers from the images provided and burn yourself a physical copy if you really need such a thing in your collection.  Not that Nazgul did at the time, which is a shame as now the MFR website has gone it will probably mean a bit of hunting around those dubious Russian file-sharing sites is needed should such a plan come to fruition.

What it has prompted though, is for Nazgul to dig out his physical copy of the “S.P.Q.R.” release to give that another spin one evening, as it’s probably getting on for a decade now since that had any airtime in the Castle library.

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