Friday, 19 January 2018


Title: Through The Mountains Mist They Came
Reason for update: To feature the cassette pressing of this release, but chiefly to honour the memory of Marco De Rosa

A rather sombre little update for you today, I fear, as last year saw the unexpected death on November 16th 2017 of Marco De Rosa from the Italian band Skoll, of an unspecified illness.  Marco was just 43 years old.  He was well known in the Novara area and in addition to Skoll, Marco had put his signature on projects such as Emortualis, The True Endless and Opera IX.

The original CD pressing of this split album between Uruk Hai and Skoll featured in Honour and Darkness in December 2015, having been released a few months preceding that on Aphelion Records.  Some two years later came this tape version, on the Werewolf Promotion label (Poland, cat ref WP414) with exactly the same track listing and running order, and with the same artwork (less the gold lettering for band logos and the album title).  It's in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies, as you will see from the photos.

It remains as good a listen now as it was then, though for the vast majority of people it will be the CD pressing that is the convenient choice of course.

I never had the pleasure of knowing Marco, though of course he had many friends across the world through his music, not least our very own Hugin.  A tribute on the ‘Metal In Italy’ website reprinted a comment from the Facebook page of The True Endless, in which Marco also played, which is reproduced below:

“On November 16th 2017 we lost everything. I created with M. this family that, between ups and downs, between discussions and deep love, was born to exorcise everything that was not accepted by the masses, back in 1997, in a city that did not look favourably at the ‘diversity’ or being outside the box. We have carried on our music, ignoring all the prejudices that have always surrounded this lifestyle, expressing ourselves simply, often breaking the clichés, always consistent with ourselves. But now the backbone of The True Endless is no longer among us.  Many talented musicians have been part of this family, some for years, some for a short time.  Until Algol joined us, helping us to continue our dream, confirming that we are a unique and special musician.

No one will ever replace you, M., with you everything ends. But I promise you, and I promise to all those who have loved our music, that "The True Endless" will never die, I will honour your memory forever, as long as I live.  The flame will burn forever. I promise you.”

Into the mists, with Godspeed…

Marco De Rosa - RIP

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