Tuesday, 28 November 2017

ORKSTAHL - update II

Band: Uruk Hai
Title: Orkstahl
Reason for second update: Copy #2 for reference!

So back in September Nazgul ran a little update on the different metal squares that adorned the three versions of the “Orkstahl” release that he’d been lucky enough to come across: the promo version, and official copies #1 and #3.  There were subtle differences between these items, leading to Nazgul floating the inevitable question out there:

“Perhaps if you are the proud own of copy 2/3 you might like to send me a photograph of the plate for a comparative analysis...?!”

And lo and behold, thanks to the kindness of spirit of its own, one Michael Linner, we are today able to post an exclusive look at Orkstahl copy #2!

And the inevitable conclusion we draw is that there are similarities for sure with the patina and indeed pattern visible in copy #1.  That said, as a pair they are different to both copy #3 and to the promotional #x/3 copy that Nazgul has.  So what do we make of it all, you might ask?  Errr … well, we’ve learned that there are some very generous people out there (thank you again Michael) and we’ve learned too that perhaps Nazgul spends a little too much time pondering such matters. 

Needless to say, it did raise another question in my tiny mind: if we’ve now managed to track down photos of all 3 official versions of this release, what are the chances that we could continue to identify existing copies of other highly limited but varied editions of past Hugin releases?  I’m thinking of such past gems where we know there are varietal types out there, such as the Novasak/Bonemachine split tape, or the Bonemachine “Another Time” wooden box set with all of its different badge variants.

And then there are the releases where there may be different variations between them – for example “Harvest” –but where the absence of any other images to compare Nazgul’s copy to means we just don’t know!

So go on, raid your collections and have a look for those hand-made, hand-decorated limited edition deluxe wooden treasure chest releases with badges,  trinkets or whatever the hell they have, and shower Castle Nazgul with some photos of your horde so that we can do some more cataloguing!

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