Saturday, 11 November 2017


Title: Elbenjahre
Reason for update: An one-off signed copy…?

How are we well after the first week in November without there being an Honour and Darkness post this month, you might ask?

Well once again it’s that unfortunate combination of being very busy in the day job and simply not really having the time to sit and listen to music to do justice to a review.  That said, following Hugin’s recent visit to Castle Nazgul, there are a couple of interesting things sitting on the shelf to cover off in the weeks ahead, so there is light at the end of the tunnel, honestly…!

Still, let’s celebrate an interesting update today, with this now-autographed copy of the Uruk Hai release "Elbenjahre".  This tape is, you may remember, the companion album to "Elbenglanz" wherein Uruk Hai's ‘legions of fans’ chose their favourite songs.  On this tape, Hugin's own selection of personal highlights from the battle years 2004-2015 were gathered and if nothing else it demonstrated quite clearly how different everyone’s views were of the band’s best bits!

Now, revisiting the post from February 2017 when this tape was covered you will recall that there were two artists responsible for the illustrations on the cover: one was Ruta Silders who did the front cover, and the other was none other than Hugin's talented daughter, who did the inside cover picture.  As Castle Nazgul was graced with the presence of the delightful Ms Wieser along with her father during the last ‘official visit’, it seemed a timely opportunity to arrange for a world-first double-signing session to capture the signatures of both artistes at one and the same time.

Which is what is preserved for posterity and pictured here today!

The next obvious step is to post this over to Austria to get Ruta’s autograph too, and then that will be job done for this inlay…!

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