Thursday, 30 November 2017


Title: Unholy Matrimony [Various Artists]
Format: This is a 64 x file (MP3) that was collated and released on the Smell The Stench label (Australia) on 24 December 2008, catalogue reference sts-net 400 .  There has been no official physical release of this compilation.
Edition: unlimited (at the time of being uploaded to the STS site)

Track Listing:
1-01.  Stigma Diabolicum & Zarach Baal Tharagh  *  Unholy Union  2:52 
1-02.  Slut Kull  *  I Ain't Gonna Murder Anybody On Our Wedding Day  4:12 
1-03.  [C. T. D.]  *  Vocal Improvisation For Leigh And Mandi  2:38 
1-04.  Silas Ciarán  *  Vous Aimez Seulement Les De La Ville  5:48 
1-05.  Rats With Wings  *  Misogamist  2:47 
1-06.  Bruital Orgasme  *  Music For Honeymoon  3:35 
1-07.  RedSK  *  A Happy Union  1:52 
1-08.  Endometrium Cuntplow  *  December  4:58 
1-09.  Screwtape  *   Love Ascends  5:42 
1-10.  Prodvkt  *  A March For Leigh  4:21 
1-11.  Ewe  *  La Voix De Ghoby Part 2  1:39 
1-12.  Flat Affect & DRK  *  Moreover  5:36 
1-13.  Mystified  *  Tumble  3:40 
1-14.  Some Asian Female Bodybuilders & Mixturizer  *  Torturexploitation / Goddess Heather  4:33 
1-15.  Rabbit Girls  *  Doves  5:50 
1-16.  Tainted Corrosive Mist  *  #16 (A Drone'n'noise Wedding)  4:38 
2-01.  Not Half  *  The Honeymoon  4:59 
2-02.  Chav Stabbe  *  First Waltz  5:00 
2-03.  Flippin Idiots  *  Legion  4:57 
2-04.  Crnich  *  Mandleighville  4:12 
2-05.  Soma  *  Happy Wedding  5:00 
2-06.  +DOG+  *  Sodomized Priest In Flames  2:51 
2-07.  Nihilistic Front  *  Poison Gas Attack  4:59 
2-08.  Herz Tod  *  Destructions (Remix - Zarach Baal Tharagh) 2:29 
2-09.  UNIT731  *  Cum Transmitter  2:00 
2-10.  Necroanal  *  I'm Getting Married, Too! (To My Right Hand, We've Been Dating For Years)    
2-11.  Extreme Volume Pop  *  Wedding Day  4:06 
2-12.  Fuck, The Retarded Girl  *  'Ave Yourselves A Lovely Otis Redding  1:16 
2-13.  Villain  *  Dance  3:54 
2-14.  900piesek  *  Full Moon  4:42 
2-15.  |n|!|g|h|  *  I Conjure No Life  3:44 
2-16.  Razxca  *  Untitled 465h5t Partial  2:34 
3-01.  Novasak  *  A Commitment To Noise  4:54 
3-02.  Zebra Mu  *  I Do  1:23 
3-03.  KZ9  *  Spread Baby Stench In The Face Of Allah!  4:54 
3-04.  Armenia Z024  *  Muslo 02  3:12 
3-05.  Doldis  *  Bröllopsdag  5:15 
3-06.  Hrossharsgrani  *  Terminate  5:51 
3-07.  Abraxas_apparatus  *  1L2A  1:26 
3-08.  Flutwacht  *  GFG  5:07 
3-09.  Hatesound  *  Ships In The Night  4:18 
3-10 .  Trend Basher  *  Untitled  3:15 
3-11.  Sick To The Back Teeth  *  Morning Gift  4:57 
3-12.  Gorgonized Dorks  *  Dead Dream  7:37 
3-13.  Heirdrain  *  In Life Beyond Death  4:24 
3-14.  Infested With Maggots  *  Untitled 4 Leigh And Mandi  4:30 
3-15.  Hybrid Frequency  *  Just Like Me  4:10 
3-16.  Cat.n.Bone  *  And Again A Set Of Utensils Into A Gift To A New-Married Pair  1:11 
4-01.  Ego Death  *  Click  5:00 
4-02.  I Spit On Your Grave  *  Hatchet For The Honeymoon  4:02 
4-03.  I;C;O;C  *  JjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjJFbBTIIIIIi XzX  4:46 
4-04.  Duct Tape  *  Sadist Tribute  1:58 
4-05.  Undecisive God  *  Spinning Gerogerigegege  4:23 
4-06.  Mixturizer & Hinyouki  *  Inhumanity / Zangyakuhidou  4:59 
4-07.  The Noisettes  *  Soldering Mesons  3:14 
4-08.  Dotåbåtå  *  The Stench Of Wedding Bells  4:56 
4-09.  Flower Of Flesh And Blood  *  For Leigh And Mandi  3:35 
4-10.  Bicycle Sighs  *  I Am Not The Girl That You Think You Are  4:56 
4-11.  IDO59  *  Flyby  5:01 
4-12.  Innominus  *  Seremonia  4:53 
4-13.  Zieltogend  *  XXIX  4:39 
4-14.  Socialistic Jonny Goblet  *  Smell The Nuptuals  3:32 
4-15.  Sliced Up Junkie Cunt  *  Was Si Muess Muess Si  2:54 
4-16.  The Helmut Bernecker Noise Gore Experience  *  All The Best And A Wiener Schnitzel  1:39

There’s not a lot you can say about a monstrous compilation like this one, other than be prepared to be shocked, repulsed, intrigued and ultimately exhausted in equal measure.  The ’net’ label side of Smell The Stench had a fine history of downloadable releases numbering into the high hundreds and around every 100th release they’d put out a gargantuan release like this one, bringing together as many noise-mongers from the Melbourne/wider Australian territories as possible, then adding in overseas contributions until saturation point was achieved.

This particular effort – the 400th net release, as reflected in the catalogue reference – was a 2008 event issued to celebrate the wedding of Leigh (Smell The Stench co-founder) and Mandi Stench.  And, as can be seen from some of the more entertaining song titles, many of the bands took the opportunity to make pertinent and relevant comments on this newly achieved nuptial bliss in their contributions.  Other songs seem pretty much to have been shoe-horned in for the hell of it, one of which being the Hrossharagrani contribution ‘Terminate’.

Normally one might have expected a noisy affair from Hugin’s Bonemachine project to have found its way onto this sort of collection (which, in fact, has been pretty much the order of things for previously reviewed STS endurathons) so to find a song by Hrossharsgrani is unexpected.  But then this was the period (2009) in which they went a bit industrial on us, moving away from their traditional Viking-influenced metal assault, so perhaps it was just the sound that Leigh was looking for?  ‘Terminate’, you may recall, appears on the somewhat abstract “Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est” album.  And, of course, Smell The Stench went onto release a few Hrossharsgrani titles after that time too such as the 3” CDr pressing of “The Long Grey Road” so this association led to interesting things in the years to come.
Other than a picture of the happy couple on their wedding day (below – don’t say Nazgul doesn’t try hard to get this stuff pulled together for you) there’s probably nothing more to say other than to reiterate the wise words of the Helmut Bernecker Noise Gore Experience: All The Best And A Wiener Schnitzel.

The happy couple: Mr and Mrs Stench

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

ORKSTAHL - update II

Band: Uruk Hai
Title: Orkstahl
Reason for second update: Copy #2 for reference!

So back in September Nazgul ran a little update on the different metal squares that adorned the three versions of the “Orkstahl” release that he’d been lucky enough to come across: the promo version, and official copies #1 and #3.  There were subtle differences between these items, leading to Nazgul floating the inevitable question out there:

“Perhaps if you are the proud own of copy 2/3 you might like to send me a photograph of the plate for a comparative analysis...?!”

And lo and behold, thanks to the kindness of spirit of its own, one Michael Linner, we are today able to post an exclusive look at Orkstahl copy #2!

And the inevitable conclusion we draw is that there are similarities for sure with the patina and indeed pattern visible in copy #1.  That said, as a pair they are different to both copy #3 and to the promotional #x/3 copy that Nazgul has.  So what do we make of it all, you might ask?  Errr … well, we’ve learned that there are some very generous people out there (thank you again Michael) and we’ve learned too that perhaps Nazgul spends a little too much time pondering such matters. 

Needless to say, it did raise another question in my tiny mind: if we’ve now managed to track down photos of all 3 official versions of this release, what are the chances that we could continue to identify existing copies of other highly limited but varied editions of past Hugin releases?  I’m thinking of such past gems where we know there are varietal types out there, such as the Novasak/Bonemachine split tape, or the Bonemachine “Another Time” wooden box set with all of its different badge variants.

And then there are the releases where there may be different variations between them – for example “Harvest” –but where the absence of any other images to compare Nazgul’s copy to means we just don’t know!

So go on, raid your collections and have a look for those hand-made, hand-decorated limited edition deluxe wooden treasure chest releases with badges,  trinkets or whatever the hell they have, and shower Castle Nazgul with some photos of your horde so that we can do some more cataloguing!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Followers Of Honour And Darkness ... #9

Now I know it’s been a while since we had an entry in the occasional series “Followers of Honour and Darkness” but this – the ninth so far – comes a long time after our last episode.  If someone had asked Nazgul to quickly guess when the eighth entry in this series was I’d have guessed maybe a year or so ago, maybe eighteen months at a pinch.  Well knock me down with a hobbit’s handkerchief when on checking it was actually back in March 2014 that we last did one of these!  Either you people are overly shy, or Nazgul needs to start cajoling some more victims to come forward!

Coincidentally, as it was for entry #8, the individual in the spot light today was again recommended by Hugin himself.  However, you can volunteer your own collection to be put in front of the world by the simple expedient of dropping your old Uncle Nazgul an email at the address shown in the side panel.

But enough of the preamble, let’s meet today’s guest and self-confessed Huginophile: Kamil…

(1) Welcome to Honour and Darkness: tell us your name?
Hello. My name is Kamil Jabłoński

(2) And where do you live?
I live in Jaworzno, a city in southern Poland

(3) Your age?
I'm 27 years old

(4) What do you do for a living?
I work in small chemical manufacturing plant in Mysłowice, which is about 20 km from Jaworzno

(5) Your favourite style of music?
Hmm, now, I don't have one favourite style. I often listen to black/pagan/Viking metal, to ambient/other 'electro' and also pre-war music, but only from 20's-30's.  I enjoy a little classical and other styles besides

(6) Your favourite other bands?
Bathory - my very first metal ‘love’ (and Quorthon was my first musical mentor/master).  Also Lord Morbivod's bands (Trollech, Umbrtka and others - Morbivod is my second recognized ’master’); Thrudvangar; Falkenbach; Hel (from Sweden);  Graveland; Lebensessenz; Menhir; Nebelhorn; Hellhammer; Toroidh and more from other genre's too.  And not forgetting Adam Aston, Tadeusz Faliszewski, Hanka Ordonówna, Mieczysław Fogg - my favourite four from the 1920's-1940

(7) How long have you been reading Honour and Darkness?
My first encounter with H&D was partway through 2009 - I was searching for Hugin’s release for download and it was came up in the search. I don't remember exactly which day/month, but most likely between June-September is a good guess.

(8) How did you first come across Hugin's music?
It's came about in my ultra-sentimental era (2008-2009). In December 2008 I was searching for ‘clean’ Viking metal bands on Metal Archives and came across Hrossharsgrani's profile - at this time Hrossharsgrani was classified as such. I read the discography, and over the next few days I was thinking about the band. Finally, on December 24/25  I downloaded first “The Secret Fire” and then “Schattenkrieger” and listened to them: they were strange for me, but not bad.

After the new year I listened again to “The Secret Fire” and in that moment Hrossharsgrani became a great band for me. I also downloaded "Of Battles, Ravens and Fire" and for long months that was all of my exposure to Hugin’s music. Around August 2009 I came across Uruk Hai, then Elisabetha in September, and then between October and December I discovered Bonemachine and Manwe (on Myspace). Other bands followed after this date.

In November 2009 I was download the “Rehearsal 1999” from Hrossharsgrani: for a long time it was my opium, and ‘Der Pfad Zum Tor Der Toten’ is my very favourite song from Hugin music today, and forever. And today, Hugin’s music is a vital part of my life and Hugin is my third recognized ‘master’ (but first in my music collection) and the one with the most vivid recollections from my best years, 2008-2009, when was 17-18 years old.

(9) What does your collection of Hugin's releases look like?  How many titles do you have?
Here is my small collection:

  • Zeit
  • Endzeit
  • split with Rei Rea
  • split with JeFF
  • Combat
  • Weiss (B-Machina split with Miel Noir)
  • Crypt Child (with Kenji Siratori)
  • Der Rote Glanz Der Flammenfee
  • Our Fire Burns
  • split with Onyx
  • Realm Of Light (CD and tape versions)
  • Demo 1/2010
  • Behind The Moon We Are Looking Into The Distance
  • As We Hide The Moon
  • Demeter
  • Sterbegesange
  • Uber Das Prinzip Der Unschuld
  • Vampyr
  • Und Wirklichkeit Erfüllt Die Seele Wieder
  • Uber Das Prinzip Der Unschuld
  • Morella
  • Transilvanischer Hunger
  • Demo 1 tape
  • End Of Time cdr
  • Hrefnesvinter
  • Heidensturm
  • Uraungst (Percht)
  • Woid & Geist
  • Heidensturm
  • A Haund Voi Dreck
  • Kampf
  • Die Ruckhehr Zum Pfade
  • Pro Liberate Dimicandum EST part I
  • Pro Liberate Dimicandum EST part II
  • ... Of Battles, Ravens & Fire
  • Ancient Tales (with poster)
  • ... Of Battles, Ravens & Fire ... (2000)
  • The Secret Fire
  • Schattenkrieger
  • ...Of Battles, Ravens & Fire ... (2005)
  • Sanguis
  • Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est (2cd)
  • Deat:Meat
  • Father:Land (V/A)
  • Das Ende Des Pfades (b/w cover)
  • H.E.A.V.E.N. & H.E.L.L.
  • A.N.G.E.L.
  • First Battle tape
  • Pull The Strings Tighter
  • Elbenwald
  • Honour
  • split with Arkillery - Von Blinkenden Schwertern Im Reiche Des Nordens
  • split with Vinterriket - Nazgul/Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit
  • Valhall
  • A Night In The Forest
  • Barbarians (Orcish Battle Hymns II)
  • Enslaved In Evil Darkness (2005)
  • split with Symbiosis - United
  • Dragons Of War
  • The Battle
  • A Viking Journey
  • Songs From The Woods (2005)
  • Lost Songs From Middle Earth
  • Black Blood White Hand
  • Spirits - From The Ancient Worlds
  • Spirits - From The Past
  • Lothlorien
  • Gil-Galad
  • Songs From The Woods (2011)
  • split with Wear And Tear
  • split with Muldeponie
  • Elves & Men
  • split with Crucifixxx Sodomy
  • Twilight
  • Elbenglanz
  • split with Balrog - The Ashes Of Battle
  • split with Skoll - Through The Mountains Mist They Came
  • Ring-Wraiths
  • Enslaved In Evil Darkness (2017)
  • The Orcish Battle Hymns 4 tape box
  • split with Vinterriket - -2-
  • Tawantinsuyu
  • Dragons Of War
  • Lost Songs From Middle Earth
  • Black Blood White Hand
  • Northern Lights (Vallgrind)
  • Cirith Ungol ('regular' edition)
  • split with Sieghetnar
  • Dagor Dagorath 3”cdr
  • Nargothrond 3”cdr
  • March To War 3”cdr
  • ... And All The Magic & Might He Brought (jewel case and digipak)
  • split with Black Jade - The Sadness Of Fallen Leaves
  • The Dusk, The Dawn, The Earth, The Sea ...
  • The Fellowship
  • The Sword Of Revenge
  • split with Skoll - Through The Mountains Mist They Came
  • Elbenstahl
  • Totenfahrt
  • split with Heulend Horn - Three Ages Of War
  • split with Hulduefni
  • Die Kriege Von Beleriand I
  • Die Kriege Von Beleriand II
  • Glaurung
  • Twillight
  • split with Joe Matera
  • Elbenglanz
  • The Battle (Vallgrind)
  • A Night In The Forest (Vallgrind)
  • Experimentum Solaris
  • Firedance On A Dead Mans Grave
  • Nordwand
  • Hell:Wach
 Other cd's
  • Alexander Wieser's Adventure - The Amelia Earhart Flight
  • Hollenkreis: Des Bruders Boser Garten
  • Völuspá Part II: The Arrival of Fenris (Hugin cover art)
 and other bits too including a Hrossharsgrani long sleeve shirt, few pins with Drachenfeuer, Uruk-Hai, Hrossharsgrani, Hrefnesholt etc, Uruk-Hai metal logo, Uruk-Hai pendant and few flyers & photos with autographs.

For me it's small collection, but not bad and I'm happy and proud of it

(10) What was the first thing you bought that Hugin composed?
My first was "Of Battles, Ravens and Fire" from Hrossharsgrani - I bought it on (the Polish ebay!) in August 2009. Between August-September 2009 I bought three tapes from Uruk Hai: ‘A Night in The Forest’, ‘Dragons of War’ and ‘The Battle/A Vikings Journey’ (also on  Others came later, but more so after 2014 when my collection expanded (with my first serious job and some income!)

(11) What was the last thing you bought that Hugin composed?
My last was the split with Skoll "Through The Mountains Mist They Came" on tape (Werewolf Promotion), but l am planning my next order with Hugin.  Also, from Eastside, I want to buy "Uraungst" by Hrefnesholt.

(12) What is your favourite release from Hugin's discography to date?
I have two: “Dragons of War” which is a great release with my favourites Uruk Hai hymns (and the very first of this band in my collection - now, I have tape and cd of this release); and secondly "Das Ende Des Pfades" from Hrossharsgrani.  It's brilliant a release from with battle hymns like ‘Der Pfad Zum Tor Der Toten’, ‘Von Blinkenden Schwertern’ and ‘So Finster Wie Es Niemals War’, my most favourite three songs from Hrossharsgrani and among the very best of all of Hugin's songs.

(13) What items/release(s) do you most treasure in your collection of Hugin's stuff?
My Schattenkrieger long sleeve shirt - it's my first (and only) clothing from any of his bands.  Also my Uruk Hai metal logo - I have pinned it on the wall in my room. But of the music releases I think “Realm Of Light” from Drachenfeuer, which has beautiful artwork. And I mustn’t forget Uruk Hai's “Dragons of War” tape!

(14) Are there any particular releases of Hugin’s that are you looking for?
I'm searching for all across my collection, but particular:
  • Hrossharsgrani - Ewig Winter (Fallen Angel Productions)
  • Hrossharsgrani - Die Rückkehr Zum Pfade (Wulfrune Worxx 2010)
  • Hrossharsgrani - Der Pfad Zum Tor Der Toten (Wulfrune Worxxx 2010)
  • Hrossharsgrani - Rehearsal 1999 (Smell the Stench)

I don't have Paypal, I prefer to trade now.  From Hugin I have for trade: Uruk-Hai - ...And All The Magic & Might He Brought (CD jewel case) and WACH “Nordwand” cd.  I also have few other cd's  from other artists/bands. If you want to trade with me, drop me a line at

(15) Do you have a message for Hugin?
Oh yes :)

Huge thanks to you my music Master for great music and inspiration. Thanks for everything and I wish for you all the best and many new great ideas for your various projects.

(16) What message do you have for your fellow readers of Honour & Darkness?
Support Hugin and also Nazgul and his Honour And Darkness blog, so that these great works can't be forget.  Best regards for You all Hugin's maniacs!

A great guy, with a pretty impressive collection of Hugin’s music it must be said.  And if you can help Kamil fill those holes in his collection, then do drop a fellow fan an email and hook him up!

Saturday, 11 November 2017


Title: Elbenjahre
Reason for update: An one-off signed copy…?

How are we well after the first week in November without there being an Honour and Darkness post this month, you might ask?

Well once again it’s that unfortunate combination of being very busy in the day job and simply not really having the time to sit and listen to music to do justice to a review.  That said, following Hugin’s recent visit to Castle Nazgul, there are a couple of interesting things sitting on the shelf to cover off in the weeks ahead, so there is light at the end of the tunnel, honestly…!

Still, let’s celebrate an interesting update today, with this now-autographed copy of the Uruk Hai release "Elbenjahre".  This tape is, you may remember, the companion album to "Elbenglanz" wherein Uruk Hai's ‘legions of fans’ chose their favourite songs.  On this tape, Hugin's own selection of personal highlights from the battle years 2004-2015 were gathered and if nothing else it demonstrated quite clearly how different everyone’s views were of the band’s best bits!

Now, revisiting the post from February 2017 when this tape was covered you will recall that there were two artists responsible for the illustrations on the cover: one was Ruta Silders who did the front cover, and the other was none other than Hugin's talented daughter, who did the inside cover picture.  As Castle Nazgul was graced with the presence of the delightful Ms Wieser along with her father during the last ‘official visit’, it seemed a timely opportunity to arrange for a world-first double-signing session to capture the signatures of both artistes at one and the same time.

Which is what is preserved for posterity and pictured here today!

The next obvious step is to post this over to Austria to get Ruta’s autograph too, and then that will be job done for this inlay…!