Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Funky Heroes

Band: Funky Heroes
Really?!  Yes, really! Bear with me on this one...
Albums released: none
Singles released: none
So what’s the story then, Nazgul?  A-ha! Read on for more!

Fear not, Nazgul hasn’t been on the funny mushrooms again.  No, this is a rare chance to learn arcane secrets about an even earlier chapter in the musical career of Alexander “Hugin” Wieser, and a story that has never been told before this dark and windy night.  And how appropriate, on Halloween itself, to share a story so terrifying that it will make you spit out your cocoa all over your pristine Uruk Hai t-shirt.

For you see, even before the early years of bands such as Schlaganfall which Honour and Darkness was pleased to raise to the world’s attention, there was an early band that rejoiced under the name of Funky Heroes.  Yes, you read it correctly, Funky Heroes.  It was founded in the summer of 1983 by 5 young Linz teenagers: Alex Wieser on bass; Roland Königstorfer on guitar & vox;  Andi Pernecker also on guitar & vox; Herbert Bergmayer on guitar (clearly a precursor to the triple guitar attack of Leatherwolf!) and at the final rehearsal there was a drummer too.  Sadly, with the passage of time Alex can’t remember his name, and boy I bet he’s a relieved man if he’s reading this now!

In an Honour and Darkness world-exclusive prompted by Hugin's own exuberant zeal at recalling these historical events, here for your delight and amazement is his recreation of the original Funky Heroes t-shirt!  It was limited to just 5 copies only, 4 copies for the band members and 1 copy for a friend (presumably the drummer didn’t qualify for one?!)  How much would one be worth now on eBay should it come to light...?

Sadly, such genius could not be contained within the confines of a small local band and Funky Heroes split in February 1984, never to return for that reunion tour and triple live album…

Hugin takes on the tale from this point:

"In 1985 Roland and I chose the band name Schlaganfall, I did the vox, Roland guitar, Wolfgang 'Gurkerl' Gall bass and another drummer I cannot remember the name (Nazgul’s note: what is it about these anonymous drummers?  Perhaps this is the legend that inspired Spinal Tap?) We did some covers but we also had 3 originals named ‘Scheiß Bullen’ (the only song we ever recorded, but sadly lost), ‘Harrys Anfall’ and I cannot remember the 3rd.

In 1986 we changed the name in After A.I.D.S. then we spilt up. Wolfgang and the drummer continued on and had some nice gigs too, but they split up soon too.  In around 1988 I did one rehearsal on vox with a Metal band from Linz called X-Ray then in about 1994-95 I did some sessions with The Sharks on bass, together with Mario Decarli on guitar, Andi Pernegger on vox and Geri Decarli (RIP) on drums, after Geri died they split up too.

In 1998 Hrossharsgrani was founded..... you know the rest J"

And Nazgul simply can’t let this story end without the most terrifying thing of all … so brace yourself, for a flashback of epic proportions as we view the young Hugin circa 1983, blissfully unaware of the musical career that lay ahead of him…!

Happy Halloween!

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