Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Title: The Eagles Of The King
Format: A 3-inch CD in colour paper sleeve self-released by Hugin (no label details or catalogue reference).
Edition: 6 unnumbered copies only

Track Listing:
01. The Return Of The Eagles  4.56

Once in a while Nazgul makes a passing comment on the lines of, "... *insert random song title* that would make a good single" when a standout track pops up on a CD or tape release.  And more often than not, this observation falls within reviews of Uruk Hai material.

Well, in a perverse sense, this is sort of what you have here: a single song, old-school 3-inch CD single (remember those, from back in the day, sometimes coming in blister packs or snap-packs and always with those fiddly adaptor rings so you could play it in a normal CD player?  Ah, good times).

If you've ever heard the music of Uruk Hai - and I am rather supposing you have, given you're here, and reading this - then take all of the best bits of soaring, lush orchestration and Mirkwood-infused melody and pack it onto a few short minutes of aching wonderfulness, and this is what you'll end up with.

Absolutely bloody marvellous.

Of course, with only 6 copies floating around it's not going to dent the charts in the sense that a 'single' should, even in the rarefied environs of Shelob's local online radio show (you should you see her web-site!), but what the heck: that's not the point of this release.  

As a celebration of all things wonderful in the world of Uruk Hai, it is - quite simply - Top of the Pops.

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