Thursday, 7 September 2017


Title: End Of Time
Format: White CDr disc inside a DVD size case with full colour cover, self-released on Hugin's own W.A.R. Productions label (Austria) on 10 January 2017, cat ref WAR 102.
Edition: 10 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. End Of Time
Bonus Tracks
03. Butcher XTC
04. Let's Kill
05. Ballad Of A Gore Angel
06. Torture
07. Holiday In Frostland
08. Death F*ck Armageddon

Now, to be fair, the announcement in April on Honour and Darkness that a new Guts For Dinner album was in the works was hardly likely to send you all into raptures of anticipation, combined with the fevered shaking of piggy banks.

Indeed, the level of interest in this peculiar side project of our Austrian musical hero Hugin has always been on the low side - the band's Facebook page only has 19 followers, for heaven's sake!

Yet despite this, iterations of "Demo 1" and now "End Of Time" (which is essentially that self-same demo with a couple of newer tracks added in) have spawned an improbable number of releases over the years, in tape and CDr format.

This latest version is perhaps the most professional of the lot, both in terms of the quality of the bespoke cover art and original band logo and in terms of the sonic quality of the newly recorded songs, which are a step up in production terms over the original GFD material.

Time is a distinct factor in this evolution though: looking at the credits for this demo, it's apparent that the material culled from "Demo 1" has a recording date back in the 2000-01 period, whilst new songs 'Intro' and 'End Of Time' were committed to tape (and thereafter to a lunatic asylum, presumably) in December 2016.  One might expect a little progress, and the sound of 'End Of Time' is more akin to an actual White-Hand Uruk-Hai singing the song as opposed to a drowning man gargling into a bucket of sick.

The new 'Intro' is an entirely throwaway few seconds of noise, sounding not unlike a Bonemachine outtake actually, but hardly meriting much of a mention in the grand scheme of things.

Given the history, it would seem precipitous to rule out further GFD releases coming our way in the years to come, so Nazgul is certainly not going to be daft enough to suggest that this is it.  Let's wait and see what comes next...


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