Saturday, 29 July 2017

ARCHIVES - update

Band: Moloch (featuring Bonemachine)
Title: Archives
Reason for update: Some rare pictures of the actual, physical item!

Early on in December 2016 Nazgul featured the Moloch release "Archives" as it contained a track "Berkana" that had been remixed by Bonemachine and which had previously appeared on just a couple of releases: one being the massive Moloch box-set "Traumklänge und Klagelieder" and the other being the blink-and-you'll-miss-it limited edition tape "Schicksalswinde".

At the time of that post the only photo of this item Nazgul could track down was the cover image in close up taken from the the Metal Archives pages, but as that was all that was out there it was used.

Most helpfully, the nice man behind Moloch forwarded the set of photos you see above to Nazgul, which gives us a rather better view of this exceedingly rare release in all of its glory.  Inevitably Nazgul did enquire whether a copy of the box-set was still available for sale, but alas: no.  All sold out, long ago.

However, in the interests of keeping Honour and Darkness as up to date as possible for all relevant Hugin-related items - no matter how tenuously connected to the great man - today's post continues Nazgul's crazy mission and rounds off a rather spartan July as far as updates to the Blog goes: mental note for August - must try harder...

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