Sunday, 5 March 2017

MEN OF STRAW - update

Title: Men of Straw
Format: A CDr disc in paper sleeve, released as a promotional item and housed in clear plastic wallet
Edition: Hand-numbered to 5 copies

Track Listing:
01. Men Of Straw  3.41

It seems scarcely feasible that is was back in July 2015 when Nazgul featured the "Men Of Straw" cassette tape box-set that Hugin had very kindly crafted for him.  Time does indeed pass quickly when you're having fun, as someone very wise once noted.  This box-set had actually been a gift in the year 2014, and it wasn't so far apart in time that the CDr promotional version that you see pictured above arrived in Castle Nazgul too.

In typically well meaning but disorganised fashion, your old Uncle Nazgul had always intended to do an update soon after the tape post went live to show this particular item but once again things moved on and the update was rather left behind in the unofficial scheduling of other posts.

Well, better late than never; here it is!

It's a very limited circulation of the same some, featuring affable northerner Trevor Sewell on guitar and vocals and our Austrian hero on, errr, well everything else including art layout and photography duties.  Only five copies of this are in circulation, with this being numbered in gold pen as #1/5 on the rear cover, so something of a rarity - which is what Castle Nazgul likes to specialize in!

Pretty much everything that needed to be said about this excellent song was communicated back in that July 2015 post, so we'll not repeat ourselves here.  What's worth noting, however, is that the track is also featured on the best-of Uruk Hai album "Elbenglanz" - recently featured in this Blog - and was also the bonus song on the recent reissue of classic album "The Battle" as well.  Clearly a song to be reckoned with, and no mistake.

And so we stride cautiously into March 2017 with a new post, even in the face of ever-more ridiculous work commitments and things eating into Nazgul's spare time.  Pah!  That the real world should get in the way of keeping this noble and august Blog up to date.  Disgraceful.  Though sadly a reality, dear readers.

And speaking of dear readers, thanks must be offered at this point to Huginophile James, who went mad recently with Nazgul's recent eBay auctions and bought himself a whole lot of rare goodies. Good on you, Sir, and more power to your collecting elbow.

With luck, a review of a new album next time you hear from Nazgul!  Until that point, keep well and keep the faith...

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