Monday, 13 February 2017

Uruk Hai > metal logo

Item: A large, metal Uruk Hai logo for display; old school style!
Edition: Only 5 made

It's been a terribly busy month in Castle Nazgul for all sorts of reasons that I won't bore you with here.  Suffice to say, as happens from time to time, the number of posts on Honour and Darkness has dropped since the start of the year as other commitments become pressing.

That said, your old Uncle Nazgul hasn't forgotten about you, sitting there with baited breath as I'm sure you are for the next exciting post in this seemingly never-ending (let's hope so!) saga.

So - it's a best of both worlds fix to the problem today: a brief post from my side, but something new for you to enjoy.

And it's a cracker - a genuine metal Uruk Hai logo, measuring around 7" by 10" (or circa 18cm by 25cm for you metric types), and milled from what looks like a piece of aluminium or similar light but tough alloy. 

It features one of the old school designs from this project, and (possibly) coincidentally one of Nazgul's favourite Uruk Hai logos.  This is the one that was being used circa 2003-05 on demos such as "Honour" and and which has periodically popped up since, including its use on the WinterWolf pendant featured not so long ago.

What a tremendous looking object this is though: it looks for the world like something a ninja might throw at you to cause maximum laceration and bloodless, so angular is the design.  Few things have ever inspired Nazgul to rush out and get a tattoo, but this is certainly one of them (though not, as you'll appreciate, to this scale!)

There are but a handful of these beauties floating around, all commissioned by Hugin and - in my case at least - forming a surprise gift over Christmas last.  And once again words fail at the kindness and generosity of the man.

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