Monday, 30 January 2017

The WACH stamp

Band: WACH
Item: The very stamp that made the seal for "The Fear" and "The End Of Dreams"
Edition: In all probability just this one

Now here's something you don't see everyday!  It's an honest to goodness, 100% genuine item of historical interest to all fans of WACH and thus - in the grand scheme of things - a gold-plated entry in the Castle Nazgul collection of the weird and unusual!

What you are looking at is the very stamp that was used to make the wax seals for "The Fear" - which you will recall came in no less than 4 different colours, one for each edition: blue, green, orange and silver - and also for the limited edition debut "The End Of Dreams" release, which had a blood-red seal.

It's only 3 or so inches high, with a nicely wrought WACH logo at the flat end where you press down into the blob of wax.  In mirror image, of course, in order to produce the required image at the end of the process. A shapely wooden handle makes the piece nice and sturdy, and all in all it's that rare combination of being both utilitarian and eminently displayable!

The stamp has very kindly been donated to the Castle collection by none other than the shadowy and enigmatic figure of Reverend Kim, who you will recall is the other half of the WACH project along side Hugin's alter ego Herr Insomnia.  He is, as you will immediately have grasped from his act of great kindness, an all round 'good egg' to say the very least.

Such munificent behaviour was well known to Nazgul from aeons past, when I had inordinate amount of trouble trying to find a silver seal version of "The Fear" to buy.  Enter Reverend Kim to save the day, and spare Nazgul's blushes. 

It seemed appropriate to ask the good Reverend for his memories of those early days of making seals for WACH albums!

"Ha, the silver seal for WACH "The Fear", wow, you have a very good memory, I had almost forgotten that one.  I still can remember when my wife and I made all the seals, it took us quite a while until we got some experience and found a proper way to get them all made and look nice, and we had to make them on baking paper so that they were be removable and so that people from the label could glue them on the digipaks.

We took a spoon, that we heated up over a candle and we pressured the hard wax sticks onto the hot spoon so that the wax became liquid.  Then we poured then a little bit onto the backing paper and then put the stamp on it."

Simple as that! And as you can see from the accompanying photos, the final results do indeed look rather fine.

Speaking of "The Fear" - something of interest for all Hugin collectors in an upcoming post, stay tuned...!

Some of the end results of the stamping process

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