Thursday, 22 December 2016


Release: Vogelfrei
Reason for second update: A promotional poster for the release of the "Vogelfrei" albums and box-set has come to light

It's been ages since the Bonemachine release "Vogelfrei" was reviewed by Nazgul, in all of its wooden box-set glory.  An astonishing  6 and a half years, to be exact, with only one other update (for alternative album artwork) being posted since.

So given the passage of time it seems appropriate to add something new to the history of the piece, and today's entry comes courtesy of the Israeli label T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! who released the album back in 2007.

It's simply a promotional flyer/poster advertising the various iterations of the release: the three, individually coloured CDr discs each sharing five core songs and adding a pair of unique bonus tracks to each version.  The three colours in the issue, you will recall, were black, red and blue.  Then there was the deluxe edition wooden 'treasure chest' version which added a bonus 3" video CDr inside the box-lid.

In fact, it has long been Nazgul's intention to do a special post for that little video disc, to grab some screen images to post up on Honour and Darkness to share with you all.  Perhaps that might be a nice little job to do over the Christmas break...

T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! (also known as tka-subdivision) is the independent subdivision of Israel label The Eastern Front, and was established in 2006. The label releases experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise music in limited editions and small quantities of copies.  Vogelfrei is now long sold out, though copies still come to light on Discogs occasionally and is well worth checking out.

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