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Band: Moloch (featuring Bonemachine)
Title: Archives
Format: A double CDr compilation released in January 2008 on the Acclaim Records label (USA), cat ref AR016/ALP004, with a coloured cover on heavy paper.  Comes in a DVD sized box.
Edition: 12 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:
Disc 1
01. ...  0.25 (instrumental)
02. Berkana (Bonemachine version) 07.28    
03. ...  0.25 (instrumental) 
04. Die Sehnsucht (Alt version) 05.34  
05. ...  0.24 (instrumental)
06. Nebelklang (Alt version) 02.12     
07. ...  0.24 (instrumental) 
08. Todesstille der Vorhersagen (Alt version) 04.30     
09. ...  0.25 (instrumental)
10. Algiz (Part ll. Alt version) 01.53     
11. ...  0.27 (instrumental) 
12. Dornige Ewigkeit (Alt version) 02.06     
13. ...  0.24 (instrumental) 
14. Forest tragedy 04.20    
15. ...  0.25 (instrumental)   

Disc 2 
01. Hail Black Metal Krieg (Part II) 03.14   
02. Rotten Armful of Grey Thoughts (alt version) 05.23   
03. Rotten Armful of Grey Thoughts (alt version II) 02.39   
04. Throught Halo of Fire-brands (alt version) 07.27   
05. In the Woods... 02.32 (instrumental)
06. Sturm of Aryan Winds (alt version) 02.33   
07. Ruf aus dem wald (alt version) 05.58   
08. Pest aus Gefühlen der Traurigkeit (alt version) 01.11     
09. Pest aus Gefühlen der Traurigkeit (rehearsal) 02.46     
10. Pest aus Gefühlen der Traurigkeit (rehearsal II) 03.24    
11. Morast (rehearsal) 01.23   
12. I See the End of This Wormhuman Swampworld 06.08 

The never-ending quest to document all of the various appearance, influences and releases of our favourite Austrian hero does occasionally take us to strange and murky waters.  In a rare event in today's post, the featured release is not one that actually resides in the Castle Nazgul collection.  This is for a very good reason: the release only came in an edition of 12 copies and was long sold-out before Nazgul got a whiff of its existence!

The reason Nazgul features this somewhat obscure Moloch compilation is solely down to the very first proper song on CD1, track 2: 'Berkana (Bonemachine version)'.  Now, you may recall that the song 'Berkana' was one of the Moloch songs featured on the "Schicksalswinde" split tape with Bonemachine, that was recently revisited earlier this year. 

In that June post, Nazgul mentioned the fact that the origin of this split tape had been in the monstrous "Traumklänge und Klagelieder" box-set, in which were a number of CDr's with Bonemachine-related content.  One of those discs, CDr3 'Unreleased Tracks', contained the song 'Berkana (remixed by B-Machina)'.  I do hope you're still with me, as I'm buggered if I'm explaining all that again.

Now, it would be Nazgul's educated guess that the version of the song on "Archives" is the self-same version as the one on CDr3 in the "Traumklänge und Klagelieder" box.  If nothing else, we know the original version on "Schicksalswinde" has a running time of 6.46, whilst the advertised duration on the Acclaim Records compilation is a longer 7.28.  Of course, interesting as this all is the actual song still eludes me as neither of the box-sets are to hand to actually play the wretched thing!

Ah well, at least the Honour and Darkness archive is up to date still ... sort of.  Hugin's contribution to this track, incidentally, is described as "Additional Ambient Modifications", which sounds terribly grand!  

Even Acclaim Records' own promotional blurb for the "Archives" release has a whiff of despair about it, in their acknowledgement that 'unreleased' in Moloch's world is a relative concept: "Double CDr with 'unreleased versions' (at least at this time, some may appear in many other releases as usually happens with Moloch) of Moloch tracks, also contains some rehearsal versions.  One ambient CDr and one CDr with raw Black Metal poison.

This is one of those releases to keep an eye out for whilst browsing online, though given the likely exorbitant price that might accompany such a limited edition it's one for the 'nice-to-have-but-not-essential' pile.  

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