Monday, 21 November 2016


Title: Zen
Format: Currently available as a digital download on the Bandcamp website
Edition: Unlimited

Track Listing:

01. Light Song  06:03  
02. Solid Grey  03:42  
03. The Last & The First Grey  05:27
04. When Summer Dies  05:29  
05. The Holy  03:58  

Now here's an early entry in your must-have list of Christmas items!

It's an unheralded second album by Hugin's Gothic/New Wave/SynthPop project Solid Grey recorded back in 2011 and now available for the first time as a digital download on Bandcamp.

You will recall, I hope, that the debut Solid Grey album was the excellent "Pull The Strings Tighter" release that was recorded in 2010 and released in 2012.  Getting a positive review in this Blog may seem like a shoe-in, but it was - and remains - a very interesting and different side to showcasing Hugin's musical tastes and influences and should really have done rather better than I suspect it did in sales terms.

You may also recall that this is a project in which Hugin is joined by Bart Piette (Dead Man's Hill) and once again on this "Zen" release lyrics come courtesy of Inga Whitehouse.

So hot off the press is this entry to Honour And Darkness that Nazgul has only himself come to know of the release today, and has only listened to the first track 'Light Song' from the website.  That song crashes and booms from the off, to settle into an amalgam of The Mission having a picnic with Fields of the Nephilim, with Bart's trademark deep, dry vocals.  Great stuff. 

A cracking album in prosect then, but be thankful for the early heads-up for you to check it out for yourself and make your own mind up.

And so we should all be heading to spend our money on this for Christmas - why not, 'tis the season for giving and all that, so let's give a little love (and a lot of money) to Hugin for all of his efforts on our behalf.

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