Monday, 28 November 2016


Title: Realm Of Light
Reason for update: It's a-coming, it's a-coming...On 25 January 2017 to be precise

Another heads up for you, and this time about an older project that has endured a very long gestation period before being formally released.  Mind you, dragon's eggs take a fair while to hatch of course, so perhaps this was an inevitable delay....

The release in question is the "Realm Of Light" double album from collaborative project Drachenfeuer (being Jim Kirkwood and our old chum Hugin in cahoots together) and as you will see by following the link to Dark Age Productions the album has now got an official release date, being 25 January 2017.  Yaay!

Let's see what the label have to say about this ground breaking event:

"The music of DRACHENFEUER is an epic journey through Middle Earth and its creatures. Soundscapes that will transport you to a land where dragons breath fire, where warrior legions raise their swords, where the beauty of friendship comes to a dark edge and where mighty forests cover the land in darkness…

DRACHENFEUER is for fans of Summoning, early Mortiis, Ringbearer, Bal-Sagoth, and Elffor

The album was recorded at W.A.R. studios in Austria and at Sleepy Rabbit Studios in England, mastered by Jim Kirkwood.

DRACHENFEUER was founded by Jim Kirkwood and Alexander Wieser back in 2007. Both artists have been writing music since the 80’s from Black Metal to Gothic, Ambient and more….

DRACHENFEUER have released 2 tracks on both volumes of the mighty “The First Ring” compilation so far (2007 & 2013) and in 2009 they have recorded their debut album “Realm Of Light”, 7 years it was lost in the vaults until Dark Age Productions picked it up for a limited edition release. As Jim Kirkwood released 80+ albums since the 80’s under his very own name, Alexander Wieser has worked on several projects such as: Uurk Hai, Hrossharsgrani, Eismond, Solid Grey, Hrefnesholt, Elisabetha, Manwe…

Available as a limited edition double CD release housed in a lavish six panel digipak with an exclusive 1.25″ pin badge."

You can pre-order now (and if you're not planning to, then yah-boo-sucks-to-you) and there's a sample song 'Dol Guldur' on the Bandcamp page to get your ears around.

To give you an idea of how long this has taken to get to this stage, Nazgul's original review of the demo of this release was back in May 2010!  Interesting to note, by the way, is the shortening of the title: the original demo was "The Realm Of The Light" whereas the official release title is a more pithy "Realm Of Light"

Another reason to look forward to 2017, which promises to be yet another vintage year for fans of all things Hugin!

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