Saturday, 6 August 2016

FROM THE DARK AGES - promotional flyer update

Title: From The Dark Ages
Reason for second update: The arrival of this previously unseen flyer for this tape-only release

This could be the shortest post in the 8 year history of Honour and Darkness, but Nazgul will be making up for it with a belter of an item to be featured in an upcoming post this month!

Today's feature, however, is to simply acknowledge the arrival into the Castle collection of that Hrossharsgrani promotional flyer for "From The Dark Ages" that was referenced back in May.  It's a nice enough piece of memorabilia - though ultimately rather expensive in the grand scheme of things for a simple piece of printed colour paper - but what the heck, the point of maintaining a collection is to be as authoritative as possible so Nazgul can't very well go around ignoring such items, can he?

Obviously now you get to see the image rather more clearly than in the previous post, it becomes apparent that it's a raven on the cover (not a lopsided man brandishing a sword, as I'd initially thought when I first spotted the item online!)

Should you have some rare, collectible or downright strange items of Hugin-related memorabilia or publicity material in your collection then do feel free to share them with me via the usual email address...! 

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