Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Uruk Hai > Winterwolf Records pendant

Item: It's an Uruk Hai pendant, of all things!
Where do I find one, Nazgul? Through those nice people at Winterwolf Records
Format: Well, it's a pendant ... on a chain
Edition: Not known

Something rather different today, courtesy of the good folk at Winterwolf Records.

This nicely conceived silver pendant measures around 2.7cm in diameter and features as its primary design one of the oldest - and best in my view - Uruk Hai logos. This is the early band logo that appeared on releases such as "Honour" back in the early 2000's, and looks savage and cryptic in equal measure. The pendant also comes with a velvet bag for storage (which is helpful) and a silver chain (rather more essential)

Buy one, wear one, and form your very own Secret Club with like minded aficionados...!

Now, Uruk Hai jewellery is a new concept on the commercial market, so it will be interesting to see how it sells. Nazgul's sterling silver Uruk Hai logo badge aside, it's not an area that's been explored before, other than the odd metal badge that's cropped up within limited edition Bonemachine box-sets which could loosely be said to be more jewellery like than badge like.

I shall make a point of wearing mine whenever I'm doing an update to this blog to 'channel the vibe' of Mirkwood and all things Hugin....

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