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Title: Everlasting Wrath Of The Tyrant
Format: This is the cassette box-set version of the previously reviewed "Everlasting Wrath Of The Tyrant" release, this time issued by W.A.R. Productions circa 2010/11, no catalogue reference.  The set is contained in a hard shell white filing box packed with protective material, and includes 6 hand-numbered cassette tapes (all bearing the same edition number as the box itself), a foil wrapped incense stick, a white feather, and a DVDr disc with all of the songs on it.
Edition: 6 hand-numbered copies only

Tape 1  *  Über Die Nebelberge Weit      
Tape 2  *  Elbentanz      
Tape 3  *  March To War      
Tape 4  *  Blutreich      
Tape 5  *  Gone With The Wind      
Tape 6  *  Thousand Lightnings Strike

DVDr  *  Contains all of the music from the 6 cassettes

Now, if I remember correctly, the Everlasting Wrath of the Tyrant tape series (henceforth known as EWotT) was released in a limited to 33 copies per tape edition by Wulfrune Worxx back in 2010.  The box-set that you see here, however, compiles all of the 6 tapes together, adds in the music on a special DVD-r disc, and then throws a bundle of other paraphernalia for good measure to make an attractive package that complements the CD box-set released by the TryBy label in 2012.

The tape inlays are all black and white, which was the traditional Wulfrune way of course, and although one can normally only imagine what they might have looked like in glorious Technicolor we do get a glimpse of what might have been courtesy of the DVDr paper cover, which does depict them in colour.

The individual tapes rarely come up for sale - for those interested in such things, at the date of writing a copy of the "Blutreich" tape is current up for grabs on Discogs - and the box-set is even less common: in fact, Nazgul has never seen another come up for sale and can thus only surmise that the remaining 5 copies (this being #1 of the 6) are securely held in the vaults of other collectors somewhere around the globe.

Speaking of ways to spend your money, should you still be in the market to pick up a copy of the CD box-set then there is one still for sale on the SkullLine website, albeit for a whisker over €40.

The items accompanying this set include a white feather, a foil-wrapped incense stick, an Uruk Hai logo sticker (the same as the one affixed to the side of the box) and a rather nice white-framed colour photo.  This photograph may seem familiar to you, and if you have already recognised it as the alternative cover for the Hrossharsgrani "...From The Dark Ages" compilation tape then kudos to you!

As with the CD version, this box-set offers the listener an aural bonus is that there is additional material on some of the tapes above that released on the original demos.  This is not the case for all - 'March To War' appears exactly as in original guise - but a quick summary of the differences shows us that "Über die Nebelberge Weit" gains the bonus track 'Moria'; that "Blutreich" gains 'Minas Morgul' as it's additional bonus; "Gone With The Wind" is expanded to include 'Wenn Es Nacht Wird'; whilst "Thousand Lightnings Strike" gains the song 'Land Of Fire & Steel (Rehearsal)'.  

"Elbentanz" goes all complicated on us on two occasions by merging a few songs from the original into one longer track on this pressing, and also adds 'Kazad-Dum' as an additional bonus.

The irony here, of course, is that this particular reissue hardly made any of the earlier and very rare demos more widely available, given the extreme limitation on this particular box and indeed on the EWotT tape set generally. And the CD box-set on TryBy came in an edition of just 15 copies, of course, maintaining the rarity and exclusivity of the individual releases represented within it.

It's almost certain that you'll never see one for sale anywhere, so Nazgul hopes you'll enjoy looking through his copy!

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