Monday, 6 June 2016

ERZSEBET BATHORI: KAPITAL 2 (promo) - update

Title:  Erzsebet Bathori - Kapital 2
Format: Double CDr disc housed in a plastic wallet with typed lyric sheets.  This was a promotional item originally issued by Uwe Backer circa 2002-2003
Edition: Still presumed to be 1 sole copy
Reason for update: Look what's arrived at Castle Nazgul...

Track Listing:  
01. Erzsebet Bathori - Kapitel 2: Eine Mär Aus Fleisch  22.25
02. Wenn Docn Der Morgen  8.31
03. Der Vampyr  8.29

When Nazgul originally broke the story that this rather unusual Elisabetha promotional CDr existed, it was back in October 2014 and the item resided in the collection of a Portuguese reader who kindly shared pictures of his rare find with Honour and Darkness.

The story behind that post revealed that the item had been put together by Uwe Backer  (aka Elisabetha's own Blutgraf Gha'gsheblah) in the period around 2002-2003 when the band were out 'shopping' for a label to issue this on vinyl, as part two of a planned trilogy.

As far as is known, there's only 1 copy of this particular item (or, more accurately, only 1 copy known to exist at this present time) and since the October 2014 post no other copies have come to light anywhere else.  And now, through the tremendous gravitational pull that Castle Nazgul exerts on the world of Hugin memorabilia, this collectible piece has come home to roost in the collection in Nazgul's library.  Rather splendid it looks there, too, and equally splendid is Fernando over in Portugal, who kindly let me acquire it from him for the purpose of archiving it for posterity.

So to celebrate the occasion a small update to the original post seems merited, adding some pictures of my own and filling in details such as track durations, etc.

Yesterday was Nazgul's birthday (feel free to crack open a retrospective beer to mark this momentous event) so by way of celebration I plan to unearth another collectible from the Library shelves later this week, also a one-off item and never before seen online before despite having been in the collection for a good few years now.  Stay tuned - you'll like this one...!

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