Monday, 27 June 2016

BONEMACHINE / JeFF untitled split - update

Band: BONEMACHINE        
Title: Untitled (split release with JeFF)
Reason for update: The penny drops - the double sided cover for the tape version of this split is previously unrecorded!
Format: Released by Altsphere Productions (France) in both cassette tape and CDr format circa 2006, the tape version came with reversible cover art bearing the names of both bands...and one side is previously unseen on Honour and Darkness.

In the quiet moments that occasionally crop up within the crumbling walls of Castle Nazgul, it's been Nazgul's practice to update the Discogs website for Hugin's various bands.  This task takes a number of forms, from the mundane (adding photos to existing listings, correcting spelling mistakes or amending release details for accuracy) to the more interesting, such as adding new releases to their database.

In the case of the Bonemachine/JeFF split release featured today, Nazgul's task over the weekend just finished had been to add the tape version of the split to Discogs as only the CDr pressing was previously catalogued.  In so doing, it became apparent that Nazgul's original post reviewing the split back in 2009 had not picked up on the fact that the inlay is in fact reversible, with an alternative cover on the reverse that had not previously been pictured on the Blog.  

So once again steps forward this long-shelved tape, for another rare moment in the spotlight!

The reverse artwork is certainly striking, coming from the art school surely known as 'demonic lunatic with pencil' and being quite hard to fathom and describe in rational language.  One of those strange pieces, in fact, that's somehow quite disturbing in a nightmarish sort of way.  Not that the original artwork (or - let's be accurate here - the side of the cover that happened to be on shown when Nazgul originally received the tape!) is any less disturbing, mind you, as the reminder photograph below will attest.

I rather like the newly discovered side, though, and will let it have pride of place for the next 7 years until a reason for another update comes up.

And what of JeFF himself, better known to us as Jeff Maurer of Altsphere?  Well the good news is that the Altsphere webpage seems to be thriving, and certainly is still live in 2016. Of JeFF the project, however, the site biography shows no releases from that band since 2011 so it may well be on indefinite hiatus at this time?  Which would be a shame.  For as JeFF is described on those very pages;

"Insatiable and terrorist, Jeff is a character out of the ordinary in the local music scene. At the same time a violent, autistic person and an aesthete from a universe he built with neurotic pieces"

And you can't really follow that!

the originally featured side

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