Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Title: Monolog & Rythmus
Reason for update: Same release, on the Australian Smell The Stench label, but with a different colour cover .

If you're a male, then around 8% of you reading this update will most likely find it unhelpful.  For those of you of the opposite gender, the percentage falls markedly to 0.8%, in other words affecting around 1 in 100 female readers.

What is Nazgul on about?   Colour blindness, specifically red-green colour blindness [a generic term for protanopia (red-blindness), protanomaly (red-weakness), deuteranopia (green-blindness), and deuteranomaly (green-weakness)].

You will have surmised from the pictures (well, 92% or 99.2% of you will have, depending on gender) that we're talking about a red coloured update to a previously green tinged post!    Yes, it's the maverick handiwork of none other than Leigh Stench at Smell The Stench, the diy Australian label who issued a lot of Hugin's work in the early years, particularly from Bonemachine, Elisabetha and Uruk Hai.

The original 2009 review of the "Monolog & Rythmus" CDr release featured a lurid green cover, whilst today's update sports a more sombre red cover.  This multi-coloured presentation is not unfamiliar from this particular label, and we've had past examples of it for tape releases in particular: one example being the Elisabetha 'Nosferat' release.

There's no apparent rhyme or reason for this approach, Hugin confirms: it's really down to Leigh and how he fancied releasing the item at the time.  Consequently, I don't think there is any information that will clarify how many copies of each colour were released, or even how many different colours may be out there.  I've only ever seen green, white and red for the mainstream Hugin releases on this label, but let's not forget that the ILL demo "s.t.r.a.n.g.e." was released with a blue inlay, so it's not impossible that other rogue colours are out there somewhere.  

Equally possible, given the do-it-yourself nature of the label, is that some 'enterprising soul' could merrily bootleg different colours for 'collectors' releases' ("looking for a yellow 'Nosferat' cover, guv'nor?  Of course, only £30 to you, very rare they are, honest....") so I'd be very cautious of anything you see for sale that looks out of type from Leigh's usual hues.

Interestingly the online SkullLine distro/shop has some of the green versions for sale, and states that they are part of a limited edition of 100 copies.  Not sure where that intelligence is drawn from, as there's nothing on the Smell The Stench site to corroborate that and sites such as Discogs (where Hugin is known to haunt, updating his discography for details such as this) also doesn't specify an edition total.  Make of it what you will.

Just to be clear, there's no difference between these two versions of "Monolog & Rythmus" in terms of artwork, track listing etc.  It's the same release, merely in different coloured inlays.

Speaking of things changing colour, there will be a break in transmissions in Honour and Darkness for the next couple of weeks whilst Nazgul flies south for the summer for a couple of weeks seeking some much needed sunshine and a tan, so more from me at the end of the month.  Until then, keep supporting Hugin's mighty releases and stay healthy....

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