Tuesday, 24 May 2016

FROM THE DARK AGES - promotional flyer

Title: From The Dark Ages
Reason for second update: A previously unseen flyer for this tape-only release

It was literally back in the Dark Ages (well, alright, July 2009 to be precise) that Nazgul originally reviewed this scarce Hrossharsgrani tape.

Released in 1999 as a joint release on the Italian Ered Gorgoroth Productions label & Nox Infandus Records in Denmark, there were only 150 copies of the cassette released and it's now a pretty rare item to find.

The reason for this second update (the first update covered off alternate cover art that Hugin had designed) is that a rare flyer for the tape has been spotted in the depths of the Internet, and is pictured at the top of this post.  

It's currently on it's way to the Castle collection having been purchased as part of a job lot of other Hugin related flyers from an online source; most of these other cards, flyers and leaflets from bands such as Bonemachine, WACH, Uruk Hai and Elisabetha look to be familiar to Nazgul but you never know, there could be something else new in there too...

The text on this "From The Dark Ages" promotional flyer reads:

"A mighty compilation of rare and unreleased tracks from the masters of Barbarian Black Metal takes you back to the glorious age of heroism & war.  Recorded with Pagan power in the year of fight 1999 at W.A.R. Studio in Lentia/Osterreich.

Grim battles had to be fought, blood froze at the sound of the charging blades, born from flesh and steel, and bathed in fire and ice, the iron force of Hrossharsgrani rose to war in the land of fight: sealed was the way of the warrior"

Given you've been starved of recent updates to Honour and Darkness due to the annunal vacation, Nazgul thought you'd enjoy this little update ahead of its physical arrival in the Castle collection, to keep your irregular fix of Hugin-ness alive...!  Also worth noting is that I've managed to find a second copy of the tape too, to augment the Castle collection, so if you're desperate to buy a copy for yourself drop me an email at the usual address.

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