Thursday, 26 May 2016


Title: Erszebet Bathori - Kapitel 2 / Zeit
Format: The pictures show two colour inlays (front and rear covers) designed for an unreleased split CD between these two projects
Edition: Never released

Proposed Track Listing:

01. Erszebet Bathori (Eine Mar Aus Fleisch) Kapitel 2

02. Schall & Rauch
03. Die Vierte Dimension
04. Raserei (Klangniederschrift Eines Krieges In 2 Akten)
05. Endzeitensturm
06. Flucht Nach Vor

#25 From the Vaults of W.A.R.

It seems quite incredible that we're almost in June, which will be halfway through 2016 to all intents and purposes, yet this is the first "From The Vaults Of W.A.R." entry this year?!  Well, high time Nazgul pulled another item from the darkest recesses of his collection to dust off for your entertainment.  In so doing, we celebrate the 25th entry in this ongoing and (hopefully) endearing series!

And it's a rare as hen's teeth outing for that most mysterious of projects, Heimatleid, who turn up about once a year in some random post and then disappear in a puff of industrial smoke thereafter.  Also featured on this proposed but ultimately unreleased CD are vampyric legends Elisabetha, making it the most unlikely pairing of bands since the late, great Lemmy teamed up with the Nolan Sisters.

The rather modern looking cover art is an A.W. creation of course, but what of the background to this enigmatic piece?  Nazgul put the inevitable question to our intrepid Austrian hero and received the following reply by carrier raven:
"I had planed the "Zeit" release first as a Heimatleid release, but than I changed the name into Bonemachine. This particular release then never happened.  The Elisabetha part was released on "Vampyr" in the end. The Bonemachine part was released as the "Schwarzes Jerusalem" split CDr with Elymas".

You will also recall that the 'Schall& Rauch" song was also the content of a split 7" vinyl release with Grimthorn, which was incorrectly titled as an Uruk Hai release when of course it was properly attributable to Bonemachine!

To finish on an enigmatic note, there'll be more about the Elisabetha song 'Erszebet Bathori (Eine Mar Aus Fleisch) Kapitel 2' in a future post as something rather interesting has happened...

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