Thursday, 7 April 2016

Happy Birthday 2016!

Today is: Hugin's Birthday!

Once again our Austrian hero reaches the celebration day of his birth, and dons his armour in preparation for a quick raid on the patisserie counter ahead of an evening's musical interlude at a local gig!

A short and sweet tribute, I grant you, but not without due cause: Nazgul has literally dragged himself off his sick bed to scribe these few words, being afflicted this past week by a malady so unpleasant that it has brought the Castle machinery to a standstill and has left your humble scribe weak and weary.  

It's the last time I sit next to Pestilence at the annual 'Four Horsemen' Easter BBQ, let me tell you....!

In normal circumstances we'd have had pomp, ceremony and a witty and well--planned post.  Today, we have heartfelt best wishes for the big day, and I hope that you might join Nazgul in raising a glass of something appropriate (Lucozade, in my case) in a toast to 'the man', Alexander 'Hugin' Wieser!

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