Tuesday, 23 February 2016

DURIN'S DAY - update

Title: Durin's Day
Reason for update: It lives....

Now, back in November you will recall Nazgul banging on about the impending release of the Honour and Darkness limited edition "Durin's Day" tape.  Well, it's finally seen the light of day - only 3 months later than planned (and that, largely, was due to the need to find a suitable CD/tape player to copy Hugin's master CD to tape).

However, excuses and prevarications aside, the tape is now complete and all 5 copies are ready for action!

So, to recap how this goes down: one copy is shortly to shoot over to Austria, with another heading to Spain, and one final copy already on route to Germany.  The fourth copy stays in Castle Nazgul to form part of the collection here.

Copy number five, which you will remember is hand-signed by both Hugin and Nazgul, is to be offered up for sale on Discogs on the morning of Saturday 27 February.  As previously outlined, the asking price is admittedly steep but the money is for a good cause, and if you feel inclined to make me an offer I will be happy to consider it: my gut feeling is that the tape will probably be sold by no later than the following Saturday, either by dint of being snapped up at full cost or by way of the best offer having been accepted by that time.

And, of course, the money is a donation to the Wieser children, let us remember, though somewhat late for Christmas as originally intended!

A highly collectible item for any discerning fan, and in this signed format never to be seen again I'd wager.....

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