Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Smell The Stench promo flyers

Item: A set of promotional flyers from the Australian label Smell The Stench.  These advertise a series of CDr releases on that label, all from Uruk Hai, plus a couple of 3" releases.

Something different for your delight today.

These promotional flyers (described in the old school sense, I can't imagine they were ever printed up and stuck onto record shop windows or left to blow around the streets, but you never know) come from the weird and wonderful world of the Smell The Stench label, fronted by our old friend Leigh Stench.  Or, to his mother at least, Leigh Julian.

They show a range of limited edition releases exclusive to that label in 5" and 3" CDr format.  Some of these have featured in reviews in Honour and Darkness and some have yet to have that particular accolade, but it seemed like as good a time as any to gather them all together into one pungent STS related posting.

The first design (at the head of this post) shows 7 releases that the label issued in CDr format, with the subsequent 2 flyers showing the releases on the top row of this first 'card' in slightly more detail.  So, first things first, the 7 advertised albums of flyer 1 are: top row "Of Beren And Luthien"; "Welcome To Isengard"; "Follow The Wind"; "Gondor"; and on the bottom row "Rehearsal 2 (September-November 1999)"; "Rehearsal (October-November 1999)"; and "Destroyer".

And here are two separate promos for pairs of these releases, one with the Uruk Hai logo and the other with a warrior motif:

Finally, at the foot of today's post, we have the flyer for the reissue of "Destination: Hell" (thanks to Hugin for that one) plus one showing a brace of 3"CDr releases, namely "The Mighty Forest" and "Legends Of Fire And Death".

Let's pause for a second in consideration of the STS label.  It's been running since at least 2000 if the Discogs database is anything to go by, and the first of Hugin's releases seen at the label was in 2002, being Bonemachine's "Destination Hell" demo.  There are a total of 1,407 entries for the label on Discogs at today's date, which is a staggering number for a one-man concern operating out of private premises in Melbourne (the distinctly un-stenchy sounding Clematis Court in Meadow Heights!).

A quick trot through STS's extensive release catalogue identifies a host of releases associated with Hugin's bands, including such delights as:

  • "Prophecy Part 1"
  • "Prophecy Part 2"
  • "Burn Down Psychosis"

  • "Destination: Hell" debut and subsequent reissue
  • "Soldat"
  • "Monolog & Rythmus"
  •  the split release "Bonemachine/Gruuthaagy"
  • "Rehearsal 2002-2004"
plus web hosting for the intenet only releases "Extraterrestrial Death" and "Jagdschauspiel"

  • "Nosferat" demo tape 

  • "Ranbentanz"
  • "Wolfsnacht"

  • "Rehearsal 1999" demo tape
  • "The Long Grey Road" 3" CDr

  • "s.t.r.a.n.g.e." demo

Uruk Hai's
  • "In Durin's Halls" tape
  • "The Barbarian"
  • "Gil-Galad"
  • "Battle Of The Southern Flame: Edition 2012"
  • "Valkyrian Romance"
  • "Dagor Dagorath"
  • "Long Before The Creation"
...plus the releases featured in the flyers above!

And there's also the compilation "The First Evil Spell" too, let's not forget!

How many of those have you collected...?

Truly one of the good guys, for it is labels like this with hard working supporters like Leigh that keeps bands like Uruk Hai and Bonemachine buoyant in the difficult early years of getting established.  

Good on ya, mate!

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