Thursday, 26 November 2015


Title: Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod
Reason for update: A variant in the Foghorn series release of this song has come to light

By an entirely unplanned coincidence it's almost 5 years to the day since the original review of the 3" release Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod CDr in Honour and Darkness.  If you've followed the link back to refresh your memory, you'll have seen that this particular release was on the Foghorn label (part of the German Apocalyptic Radio family) and that it came in an edition of 100 copies.  Nazgul's personal copy came via Denmark, and not another copy have I seen since that one.  

Until now, that is....

Quite out of the blue, an email popped into the Castle inbox from none other than our old friend Alex of A.M.F. Productions in Bulgaria.  Alex had a few Bonemachine bits and pieces to sell or trade, including what he had identified as a different version of the "Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod" release.  Different how, you ask? Well, simply down to the colour of the 3-inch disc, which is red in the version he had but green on the copy originally reviewed.  Naturally, the collector/horder latent within Nazgul sprang into action like a well greased ferret, and within a week the item (plus one or two other goodies) had a new home in the Castle archives.

And yes, as you can clearly see from the pictures, it's definitely red!  Which, of course, begs a few questions:

  • Do other colours exist within this edition of 100 copies?
  • Do either of the other Hugin-related Foghorn releases have different coloured discs in their editions?
As usual, questions galore but no answers to grab hold of!  A quick look through the Foghorn 3" series as described on Discogs is not particularly illuminating, as despite there being a number of such releases there are no notes to suggest multi-colour discs exist as a rule.  A quick visit to the Castle archives confirms that a normal silver 3" disc was used on the Bonemacine "Acidhumanix" release, whilst a black colour disc seems to be used for The Sounds Of Earth's "Struggle For Control".  

The other 5 known releases in the Foghorn series don't have pictures on Discogs, nor do any obvious images for them pop up online, so it's all something of an unresolved mystery I'm afraid.

So this is a chance for you, the incredibly fervent fans of all things Hugin, to step and and ransack your personal collections to see what colour the discs are on your releases!  If you've got something different from those known and recorded in Honour and Darkness currently for the Foghorn 3" series as relates to Hugin, drop Nazgul an email at the address shown! The relevant pair of releases are:

Bonemachine "Acidhumanix"  

Bonemachine "Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod" (called 'Untitled' on Discogs)  

Happy sleuthing!

It's interesting that it almost always seems to be Bonemachine that generates these additional versions and strange sub-sets within formal releases: there must be something about the nature of this project that motivates labels to get creative and create subtle waves of confusion....

Brothers .... from different mothers?!

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