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Title: Harvest
Format: A hand-painted CDr in special packaging, released jointly in 2007 by W.A.R. Productions (Austria) and Theremin Noise Club (Austria), cat ref #001.  The release comes in a clear plastic sleeve with a colour A4 size inlay card giving edition and track details, with a paper sleeve in a metal cover housing the disc itself.  In this sleeve is a triangular paper inlay with more details about the songs.  Two glossy war-themed photo cards complete the package.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 10 copies

Track Listing:
01. Jetzt!  25.02
02. Another War 26.19  
03. Cyber Terrorism 10.57
04. A Hopeful Day 6.29

There are precious few Bonemachine items left to review in Honour and Darkness, so this is a rare treat indeed: an original and official release (in an Austrian joint venture between Hugin's own W.A.R. Productions and Chris Huber's Theramin Noise Club).  And in total contrast to the quixotic ethereal whimsical compositions of Uruk Hai, these are a noise-fuelled barrages that think nothing of giving you a brisk few slaps in the face before leaving you in a state of aural confusion.

Following the relative calmness and sophistication of the last few releases covered in Nazgul's missives, this does come as rather a shock.  As ever, it's a miscellany of peculiar noise, rhythm and spoken word interludes woven together with skill and a single-minded focus by Hugin, producing something that definitely sounds strange and wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea.

Second song 'Another War', for example, is a lengthy affair that at times feels like you're experiencing a depth charge attack from within a submarine, surviving (barely) an air raid from Stukas, and generally enduring a Blitzkrieg on all fronts.  Exhausting yet oddly exhilarating!

'Jetzt!' and 'Cyber Terrorism' we've experienced before, as the 2013 review of the promotional "Upcoming Releases" demo recorded, with the song 'Cyberterrorism' also appearing on "Erste Rotation" and 'Jetzt!' being re-titled as 'Now' an appearing on the "Right Now" CDr release.

'A Hopeful Day' is an interesting piece, overlaying a typically eerie Bonemachine soundscape with an official US Government statement about the capture of Osama Bin Laden (who, it turned out, was actually dead not captured after all).  Indeed, if you enter the darker reaches of the internet the conspiracy theories about what actually happened on that day and in that US Seals raid are myriad.  An unusual song in as far as it references a political issue in the real world, not something Hugin is widely known for.

The A4 cover art bears a quotation that reads:

"Unsere Kampfflieger hielten reiche Ernte und boten den ├╝brigen Waffen tagtaglich das herzstarkende Schauspiel siegreicher Luftkampfe. Mochten die feindlichen Flieger den unsrigen an Zahl uberlegen sein, an Kuhnheit des Angriffs und an Erfoig standen sie weit hinter ihnen zuruck"

a quotation from German military command, 17 April 1917, which broadly translates as:

"Our fighters held bountiful harvest and offered the remaining weapons [....] spectacle of victorious air battle. Might is ours in number superior to the enemy aircraft, to the boldness of the attack and to [...] they were far behind them"

Blame Google translate for the gaps in transmission there!
All in all, a very limited edition release with a lot of music/noise to it, and as a collaboration between messieurs Wieser and Huber (noise-meisers extraordinaire) it's now a very collectable piece: Nazgul has to report that this (#001 of the series of 10) is actually the only copy of it he's ever seen.  Great packaging - presumably a different pattern graces each of the 10 discs in the edition - and definitely a late jewel to unearth from the collection!

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