Tuesday, 18 August 2015

URUK HAI > Ringwraiths coffee mug

Item: Ringwraiths coffee mug
Edition: 3 copies only

When the time for nibbling on a well roasted hobbit leg is upon Nazgul, his recent vessel of choice for imbibing the necessary accompaniment of strong ale has been this elegant and exceptional mug.  In durable white enamel with a great Ring design beneath the Uruk Hai logo, it's a grand addition to the steadily growing mound of crockery in the Castle collection! 

Yes it's probably designed for coffee, but given the option a robust ale is a far more enticing proposition to coat the virginal white enamel...!

It is, as you will have surmised from the pictures, the very same style of crockery was part of Zigor's epic Ringwraiths box-set but there's precious few of these mugs around - just 3 being made in a special limited order by Hugin.

The Castle's overall collection of mugs is steadily growing - here's the 'family' picture to date, allowing for the fact that there are still one or two yet to be posted (so we'll have to have another family reunion to include them!)

It's back to a more regular schedule here on Honour and Darkness, with your scribe having just returned from a weeks holiday in his ancestral lair, so look out for some new posts in the weeks ahead!

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