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Title: Dragons Of War
Reason for Update: Proposed colour cover for this tape release, to be released on Dragon's Breath Records, but which never made it to past the planning stage

#21 From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Occasionally Nazgul has made the odd comment in these pages on the lines of, "I wonder what that cover might have looked like in colour?"  This normally was in the course of reviewing some old demo tape where the cover was a 'traditional' black and white photocopy, full of character but determinedly monochrome in nature.

This archive inlay answers that particular question for one of Uruk Hai's past classic releases, "Dragons Of War", and forms entry #21 in the ever-expanding series documenting all things unusual and unreleased in the W.A.R. Productions vaults.

It's not an exact copy, however, as the colour copy was conceived as a release on Dragon's Breath Records whilst the final release came out on A.M.F. Productions with a few subtle differences, as you can see from the pairings of pictures below.

The main cover illustration remains the same, and to my eye looks a more powerful picture in colour.  The most profound difference is to the inside of the inlay, with the black and white copy showing just an enlarged version of the dragon's head that forms the far left panel of the colour version, the latter also adding three more pictures alongside.  One of these - the dragon in silhouette - makes the front cover panels of the black and white A.M.F. Productions version, whilst the colour draft has a different illustration again of the dragon amidst the desolate mountains.

You may recall that Dragon's Breath did produce a version of the "Dragons of War" demo but in a CDr version, limited to 1000 copies.  As the artwork of that release is entirely different, Nazgul hasn't included it here.

Comparative covers: the front inlays (above) and the rear/inside inlays (below).

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