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Title: Atlantida Vol. 8 [V/A]
Format: A silver CDr disc in black and white professionally printed covers, courtesy of Mike at Dragon Design.  Another entry in Ruslanas' Atlantida series with 14 different international artists contributing material.  Released circa 2000.
Edition: Unknown

Track Listing:
01. FOREFATHER  *  The Last Battle  4.49
02. ENFORCE  *  Slayer  5.24
03. VINTAGE SOLEMNITY  *  First Angel First Rebel  7.00
04. HANGMEN  *  Evil Century  4.33
05. ALEPH  *  Gift Of Prometheus  4.26
06. STRANGULATION  *  Mercenary  3.13
07. ROYAL QUEST  *  In The Name Of Man  5.36
08. ANCIENT CEREMONY  *  Forbidden Fruit Sapientia  3.59
09. ELISABETHA  *  Isten Szek  3.49
10. KEKAL  *  From Within  4.52
11. INTO ETERNITY  *  Holding Onto Emptiness  4.53
12. SARCASMO  *  Viscisitud  3.56
13. SERBERUS  *  Dark Dream  4.43
14. DEATHGUY  *  Zero Frontier  5.05

A little like the pyjama-clad man who used to raid the fridge in the middle of the night looking for R. Whites lemonade (readers without access to 1970s British TV ads please forgive this fanciful diversion), here's yet another furtive but compelling repeat visit to the semi-legendary Atlantida CD series - this time, Volume 8!

Once again Ruslanas had scoured the globe looking for talent in all manner of improbable places, and the final assembly of bands is quite astonishing: in no particular order, Italy; Turkey, Austria; Germany; Australia; England; France; Mexico; Greece; Indonesia; Thailand; The Netherlands; Brazil and USA.  That's a different country for each band featured, which is testament to the worldwide appeal of extreme metal as it is to Ruslanas' own ability to attract these bands.  Some are splendidly obscure, and released only one demo before disappearing (Strangulation, being a case in point) yet somehow in their brief existence they found their way onto an Atlantida release!

Amongst the bile and fury is a heavily edited version of Elisabetha's epic demo "Isten Szek", originally reviewed back in 2009.  The tape version of this lengthy demo ran for in excess of 45 minutes, so clearly the truncated edit here is but a fraction of the original so can't convey the full horror and mystery of the full-length version. 

It sits amongst the black, death and raging metal offerings as rather a strange bedfellow, and one wonders what the hardcore Atlantida listener of the day would have made of it....  

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