Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Title: Quenta Silmarillion
Reason for update: Alternative artwork for the cover of this Uruk Hai demo from 1999

#20 From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Our periodic trawl through the dark secrets of W.A.R. Productions has unearthed this little gem for today's post - an early, and ultimately unused, piece of art that was one early idea for the "Quenta Silmarillion" demo of 1999.

As fervent fans of Uruk Hai, you'll be looking at this illustration and thinking to yourself, "Hmmmm ... that looks vaguely familiar" and so you should, as it's something of a mash-up of two other demo covers used in Uruk Hai releases of back in the day.  Have you got them yet ...?

So - let's either put you out of your misery or confirm your success!  The most excellent colour border, replete with orcs, goblins and the One Ring was used on the "Land Of The Shadow" split release between Uruk Hai and Woodlands Edge, which was also recycled not so very long ago on the "Uber Die Nebelberge Weit" demo reissued by Depressive Illusions.  This element is one of Nazgul's favourite bits of cover artwork from all of Hugin's many and varied releases, and thus it is most welcome!

The black and white face, on the other hand, is from the "Long Forgotten Tales" tape release from way back when, which was used as a monochrome cover in its own right.

Put them together, and you have what has to be said is quite a striking picture and one that would have graced the actual release had it been used.  However, as the theme of these Vault posts so often imply, this was not to be the case as the actual cover used was quite different.  Even in the subsequent tape reissues this original design was not used, so it's something of a treat to see it here at all - a surviving relic from ancient times!

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