Saturday, 9 May 2015


The original artwork, conceived for Ravenclaw
The actual artwork, used on the split release
Title: Zalgirio Musis
Reason for update: The original colour cover emerges from the darkness....

Back in May 2009 Nazgul's original review of "Zalgirio Musis" was published.  This was a formidable split release between Ravenclaw and Svarrogh, the latter a solo project Dimo Dimov, who himself was the occasional third band member of Ravenclaw, alongside Hugin and Ruslanas Danisevskis.

The artwork that was used on the final release (on Ruslanas' Atlantida label) was a brooding black and white affair; dark, menacing and shadowy.  As you'll see from the accompanying photograph, the Ravenclaw band logo appeared on the cover top left, with the Svarrogh logo to the bottom right.  So far, so normal.  This is, after all, the cover we've been used to for the last 6 years, apart that is from the unused tape artwork that appeared as entry #4 in the From Vaults Of W.A.R. series in September 2013.

However, as part of research for a forthcoming 'world exclusive' post (and you'll just have to wait to see what that is all about - tune back in at the end of June for more!), Nazgul was privileged to stumble across this different version of the cover, as originally conceived by artist Mike Schindler of the German Dragon Design studio.

As you'll have spotted, the most obvious difference is the colour - and what a difference a subtle wash of blue makes to the overall effect, giving the image a subtle luminosity that the official cover lacks.  Also notable is that the 'Zalgirio Musis' title is prominently displayed at the foot of the illustration, which was presumably removed after the release became a split album rather than a single Ravenclaw release.

A cracking discovery, and one that Nazgul is proud to have the opportunity to share with you all.  

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