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Title: Shores Of Heaven
Format: 2 x CDr on plain silver discs with hand-written titles, accompanied by bespoke cover artwork.  Created by Hugin at W.A.R. Studios in 2014, no catalogue reference or other details.
Edition: Only this 1 copy believed to exist

Track Listing:

01. Relax I  57.23

01. Relax II  33.03

Almost buried at the far end of the formal gardens at Castle Nazgul, overgrown with vines and creepers, sits a small wooden outbuilding.  Surrounded by mouldy rat-gnawed bones, moss covered, and shrouded by the perpetual gloom of twilight, this building is home to some to some of the most gruesome of activities witnessed within the feared walls of Nazgul's abode.  Occasional screams of a heart-rending nature are emitted from within its shadowy depths, dispersing into the misty night air like ghostly wraiths.  It is a location of pain and fear for some, and only entered by those few with the keys to its mysterious inner sanctum.  It is the lair of Lady Nazgul, whose skills as a professional beautician are in high demand from the local gentry's womenfolk....

But joking aside, the work place of Lady Nazgul does sit within the grounds of Castle Nazgul, and is a lovely place to be pampered.  To aid with the ambience of this profession, the good Lady is in the habit of playing appropriately relaxing music to her customers to set the right mood amongst drapes, candles and hand-crafted items of furniture.

And who better than Hugin to assist with this relaxation process?!  Very kindly, Hugin created two CDr packed with ambient noises, natural and ethereal soundscapes, and enchanting melodies and sent it to Lady Nazgul for use in her work.  And very well received it has been too, with more than one customer enquiring about the music during the course of their treatment.

You would be correct in your identification of the cover image as being from the 13th century Burgruine Waxenberg in upper Austria, which has featured on a number of Hugin's releases over the years.  And what could be more appropriate than using a location that includes the prefix 'Wax', given some of the terrifying activities that occur around the most sensitive of feminine areas involving that particular medium...!

You'll not be surprised to learn that neither of these discs features harsh black metal 'vokills', heavy percussive attacks or raucous guitar riffage.  No indeed, instead the pair of songs gently carry you off into a personal reverie of relaxation and calm, with gentle melodies mixing with chimes, ambient sounds of water and wind, and comforting passages of peace and tranquility.  And - very thoughtfully - Hugin has provided one song of about an hour and one of around half an hour to fit in with Lady Nazgul's treatment lengths.  Cunning as a fox, that man...

It's not a million miles away from some of the gentler tracks that might pop up on an Uruk Hai album, although if you heard this music out of context (say, walking through a garden centre) you'd not necessarily pick up on the fact immediately that this was Hugin's work.

"Shores Of Heaven" is not available in the shops, nor is it likely to appear anywhere else for the foreseeable future (that said, there's every chance that some of this music may find it's way onto other releases as we know Hugin is an inveterate recycler of his material). The music has been heard elsewhere though - at a health convention at the Elia church in Linz, the programme for the day being our final photograph in this post!  For the time being, however, if you yearn to hear these archaic tunes for yourself then feel free to book yourself onto a package at Castle Nazgul and let the good Lady deal with you accordingly.

Countess Bathory, eat your heart out....! 

Elia's programme of activity for the health convention - spot Mr and Mrs Wieser...
Don't break the circle of trust...

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