Monday, 23 March 2015

URUK HAI > Wallet

Item: A bespoke leather wallet, commissioned for Hugin!
Edition: a one-off item

As we approach the month of April and the upcoming birthday of our Austrian adventurer, thoughts at Castle Nazgul inevitably turn towards how Honour and Darkness will mark the event this year.  Well, rest assured that your old Uncle Nazgul has something suitably celebratory in mind so keep your eyes peeled on the big day!  

Meanwhile, all of this cogitation led Nazgul to recall that there was a particular gift made to Hugin in 2014 on his visit to the UK that would sit nicely in Honour and Darkness - and so here it is!  It is - presumably - the world's only Uruk Hai wallet!  Hand painted on leather, the designs represent the two of the band's logos from that time, the band name against the national Austrian flag, and the intricate design that was done for Hugin by renowned band logo artist Christophe Szpajdel.  

This piece was commissioned through a very nice chap called Rupert who maintains a website at and who did a great job in getting the project completed in a very tight turnaround time.  He's done some excellent commissions on jackets, wallets, and pretty much anything that could be painted on, and comes highly recommended to you all.

Once in a blue moon Nazgul has these good ideas, with this wallet following the bespoke sterling silver Uruk Hai logo badge in 2010 of which only 2 copies were  made; one for Hugin and the other for Wulfrune Worxx owner (and long-time supporter) Skogen.  As the photo of that item was rather hidden away in the 500th Blog post celebrations, here it is again!  What might Nazgul's next bright idea be ... who knows?!

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