Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Title: The March Rehearsals
Format: Promotional CDr self-released by Hugin, with instrumental-only versions of untitled songs from the forthcoming Eismond release "Moonchild".  Plain silver CDr in a colour printed paper sleeve, inside a plastic wallet, hand-numbered in silver marker pen
Edition: Only 2 hand-numbered copies made

Track Listing:
01. untitled  2.24
02. untitled  7.28
03. untitled  8.48
04. untitled  8.00
05. untitled  4.42
06. untitled  4.56
07. untitled  5.28
08. untitled  5.20
09. untitled  8.48
10. untitled  6.08

I thought this one would make for an interesting addition to the winter schedule of Honour and Darkness releases!  It's a promotional-only CDr from Hugin with instrumental tracks (guitar and synth) for the upcoming Eismond album "Moonchild", due later this year.  So, in other words, it's an early working demo without Jaron's contribution at this stage, and the limitation of just two copies might suggest that whilst one nestles comfortably in the warmth of Castle Nazgul the other is with Jaron for some of his trademark vocals, swirls and flourishes to be added.

This is going to be quite a short post, more celebrating and cataloguing the mere existence of the demo, rather than an in-depth analysis of the music herein.  And the reason for that is that it only seems fair to pass judgement on the final item once it's fully compiled and released: it's a bit too early to form any meaningful opinions as for all Nazgul knows this may all change nearer the time and the final version may sound more like Ice T than Eismond (though, to be honest, that's not too likely!)

All that Nazgul would say is that even as a purely instrumental demo this is very easy to listen to, very much in keeping with the Pink Floydian styling of recent Eismond releases, and overall something to very much look forward to listening to when its all finished.  The title derives - surprise, surprise - from the fact that these recordings were made in March 2014 and Hugin tells me that they are all first take recordings at that.  All the more reason to suspect the final version will be a little ripper!

Accompanying this CDr came a card flyer for the "Moonchild" release, bearing a similar image to that on the demo sleeve.  And that image, as you will clearly see, is a homage to the famous Pink Floyd "Animals" cover with its inflatable pink pig weaving its way through the towers of Battersea Power Station, outside London.  The Eismond cover photograph is, Nazgul is proud to record, one taken from the train by Hugin on the way between Castle Nazgul and London in late February 2014 as we were heading to the capital for a well earned day out.

Rumours that Eismond's "Moonchild" will emulate the Iron Maiden song, leading to mass sightings of screaming mandrakes, exhausted twins and Gemini rising are yet to be substantiated....

Cardboard promotional flyer

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