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Title: Upon The Elysian Fields
Reason for update: Proposed alternative artwork for a tape release for this 2004 demo, never released
Edition: No copies issued

Track Listing:
Tape 1: Chapters 1 & 2
01. Return To The Sea Of Flames 23.26
02. God Tears (Oh Rain, Rain, Rain) 25.09
Tape 2: Chapters 3 & 4
03. On An Evening In Autumn 20.04
04. Under The Cold Stars Before The Rising Of The Moon 24.03

#17 From the Vaults of W.A.R.

Another interesting glimpse into the early workings of W.A.R. Productions - the images you see here were proposed as the artwork for a cassette version of the epic "Upon The Elysian Fields" demo, originally released in 2004 under the Uruk Hai banner and subsequently reissued in different formats through to 2009.

Indeed, were you to revisit the original review on Honour and Darkness (which combined all three versions into one handy post) you'll notice that the thing that all 3 variants of this release have in common is the CD format: the original 2004 release was self-released in paper sleeve as a promotional double CDr set; in 2008 the first reissue (and first commercial release) came in a box-set from the Israeli T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! label, with a revised running order and each track coming on its own 3" CD, and then in 2009 another reissue was pressed through the Russian Valgriind label in a  DVD style case with bonus video track.

Not a tape to be seen, which makes this unreleased version of particular interest.  The proposed running order of the songs was the same as that on the 2004 demo (the running order changed on the 2009 reissue), which makes it likely that this design was contemporary with the original double-disc self-released demo from W.A.R.

The images on the inlay will be familiar from past Hrossharsgrani releases that have also used the same location - they depict the 13th century Burgruine Waxenberg in upper Austria, which lies about 30 minutes away from Linz.  Burgruine, incidentally, translates simply as 'castle ruin', and as can be seen it's a brooding and atmospheric sort of place when the lighting is right!  A more panoramic photo of this castle is shown below.

As this occasional series continues to rummage around in the W.A.R. archives, yet another unused design for this same demo has been found!  It was for another proposed tape release, but featuring very different artwork.  One for a future post, then...!

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