Sunday, 11 January 2015

GORE VS. WAR - update

Title: Gore Vs. War
Reason for update: This copy of the CDr release on Smell The Stench (Australia) comes in a previously unseen green paper sleeve.
Edition: Unknown

Track Listing:
01. Süss Wie Stahl 15.04
Guts For Dinner
02. Butcher XTC 2.43
03. Let's Kill 2.26
04. Ballad Of A Gore Angel 2.05
05. Torture 1.38
06. Holyday in Frostland 2.25
07. Death F*ck Armageddon (bonus track 2002) 1.49

So here is an odd one for you.  Step forward once again the "Gore Vs. War" split release, this time resplendent in a lurid (though fittingly nauseating) green paper sleeve!

The history of this release is pretty well established from past posts - check out the original review here.   One lengthy Bonemachine song paired with 6 blasts of gore metal from the one-off project Guts For Dinner, and that's yer lot!  And, as far as Nazgul was aware, that was indeed that for this release, with no other versions or variants of it kicking around.

So imagine the surprise when this copy with a green inlay appeared, courtesy of our old friend Alexander at AMF Productions in Bulgaria.  No difference to the red Smell The Stench release in terms of tracks listing or indeed layout/cover design or illustration, just a simple but radical change of colour from red to green.

Now it could be the case that somewhere in the world a few dull moments have been passed by some heinous individual busily xeroxing a few randomly coloured covers for this demo, just to spice things up a bit.  This peculiar green variant might therefore be a product from such an exercise, though one can't imagine such a bootlegging activity generating a huge amount of income given the demo chosen?!  A worrying thought though, in so far as Nazgul might end up chasing blue, yellow, rainbow and god knows what coloured versions popping up as enterprising individuals go mad with their printers.  

Or - possibly - there was a 'green edition' formally issued by Smell The Stench, although there's no evidence yet discovered that suggests this is the case (though green is a colour used by that label on other releases in their history, so there's a distinct possibilty that this could be the case).

Who knows?  Official, bootleg or occupying the limbo between, Honour and Darkness' unceasing quest to bring you all things Hugin turns up another anomaly for consideration!

Just for 'fun' (I know what you're thinking, if that is what passes for fun in Castle Nazgul....) below is a picture of the Guts For Dinner collection to date, incorporating the original CD demo (limited to 13), CDr reissues and bespoke tape version.

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